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More secondary woes, Terence Newman questionable for Sunday

Oy vey. We already had problems in the secondary. I commented on it in this post. Then Tuna Helper discussed the need for Keith Davis to step up in this post. Now we get the news that Terence Newman is questionable for the game Sunday with a recurrence of the groin injury that dogged him in the preseason.

This game could be a lot more interesting than we initially thought. If Newman can't go, Mike Jenkins will be forced into the nickel corner role and Orlando Scandrick will get some playing time when we go dime. When you throw in the problems at safety, this could a real test. Of course, some stellar work from the defensive line and outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis could help alleviate that problem.

Hat tip to Mullin for posting the news on Newman. 

Brad Johnson in tights? That's an image I can do without. But after losing a bet to T.O., Brad had to pay up by wearing some T.O. gear for practice on Friday. But what I really like is Brad Johnson's comments about Owens.

"He's great to work with," Johnson said. "I've been with great receivers before from Keyshawn [Johnson] to Cris Carter, Irving Fryar, and the list goes on. T.O. is great to work with, an extremely hard worker who gets along with everybody in the locker room. He's fun to be with, and you appreciate when you play with guys like that."

Ha! Way to take a subtle back-handed shot at Sheshawn and Carter, two guys who have lost their minds with hate for T.O. Nice job, Brad.

Now here are some comments about Owens I don't like.

"He's a terrific playmaker, and we want to get him the ball," [Jerry] Jones said Friday morning on his radio show KTCK/1310 The Ticket. "We'll overly try to get him the ball. There's no question about that. We should. It ought to open things up for other places on the offense."

Uh, no. I have no problem with trying to get T.O. the ball, he is a playmaker. But when you start talking like you're going to force to him, that's just dumb. Take what you get in the flow of the offense and don't forget to run the ball. Jerry, I love ya guy, but stay out of the game plans, please.

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