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Cowboys get by Bengals, 31-22

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Dallas Cowboys 31 - Cincinnati Bengals 22

Well, what can you say? At least we won the game. Lots of problems still with this Cowboys team but we won, so I can't be too mad.

I don't have time to write anything up in detail tonight. So I'll just put up this thread for discussion of the win.

Quick thoughts.

Nice job in the running game for Dallas. For an offense that wasn't clicking all the way, we still put up 31 points.

The Cowboys defense forced some field goals, so that was nice.

The Cowboys pass rush was non-existent until the very last drive by the Bengals.

Our secondary still needs work.

Felix Jones looked fantastic and should be ready for more touches going forward.

Tony Romo is still looking a little sketchy, he needs to straighten his game out. Sure he put up the TD's but those turnovers need to stop.

T.O. didn't get a lot of passes his way, but he made it count.

A "good job" to Greg Ellis for getting an INT and to Tank Johnson for causing a fumble and to Anthony Spencer for recovering it.

And thank you Patrick Crayton for catching that last TD pass. We really needed that.

The thread is open.