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New Adam "Pacman" Jones trouble?

OK, I don't know how much to make out of this, it might turn out to be nothing more than an argument that got out of hand. Anyway, CBS 11 in Dallas is reporting that last night Adam Jones got into a "violent confrontation" with his own bodyguard at a Dallas hotel. According to their sources, Jones and his bodyguard were fighting in a bathroom and broke a mirror and patrons outside could hear the whole thing. Security guards at the hotel had to pull them apart. Police were called but no police report was filed. By the time they got there Jones had left and supposedly without paying his tab.

I don't know if this means anything in terms of his future. It could be treated as a "nothing incident" between two guys that turned a little nasty. But given his history, it makes me a little nervous to hear about it, especially with Roger Goodell out at the Ranch today.

I'm not going to overreact, but I'm just reporting to you guys what local Dallas TV reported. You can view the story over at CBS 11's website.


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