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Cowboys plan no action for Pacman; Leonard Davis fitting right in with Dallas

I haven't seen any significant news on Adam Jones so far, except for this.

An internal investigation by the Dallas Cowboys into Adam "Pacman" Jones' latest incident concludes that he was not in violation of his contract, or the understanding about conduct he had with owner Jerry Jones, a high-ranking team official said.

The team plans no disciplinary action, the source said.

Hat tip to Mullin for the post.

You might want to check out this article on Leonard Davis. The Cardinals just never figured out how to use him correctly. But Kurt Warner knew it.

"I think of the greatest moves with Leonard was moving him to guard," Warner said. "I remember talking to Leonard a number of times when he was here. I just knew that was his natural position. That was a position he felt more comfortable in, felt like he could really be dominant in smaller spaces because of his size and his stature and his athletic ability. I mean, the guy can get his hands on you and you can't do anything."

So T.O. was crying on the sidelines last week and the press went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over it. We now know why it happened, he had a death in the family, but Owens explains it even further.

The night before the game, [Owens' pastor] Gardner told Owens he would cry on the sideline and told him to profess his love for God in the news conference following the game.

A quote from Owens:

"Everything that happened on Sunday, I had talked [about with] my pastor Anthony Gardner out of Philadelphia the night before the game," Owens said. "When I got emotional, it was an anointed emotion, is what he explained to me.

"When it happened, I knew it was going to happen. He told me the night before it was going to happen, so when I went to the sideline, the emotions hit me."

You can read another take, here

I'm just waiting to hear from Wade this afternoon and see what he has to say about Adam Jones.


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