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Wade Phillips press conference 10/9/08 - Pacman Jones edition

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Well, that was interesting. For the first time, Wade Phillips really showed a temper with the press. It wasn't pretty. But here's a recap.

Terence Newman will be looked at by another doctor about his abdomen, we'll know more tomorrow, obviously he didn't practice. Pat Watkins will probably be out , Roy Williams was limited in practice but he's not ready yet. Andre Gurode, Deon Anderson, Stephen Bowen and Jason Witten all practiced.

On Pacman, we have all the facts, Jerry will address it later and how it will be handled. We're trying to get the team to focus on this ballgame, a tough game, we're moving on.

(Is this a distraction?) This team, from the get-go, has dealt with distractions, that's what we emphasize. The HBO deal was supposed to be a distraction, anything outside of us practicing, meeting and working on games. We feel like we focus and not let it bother us. I still remind them a lot of things are going on but this game is the most important.

I'll let Jerry address the facts. As far as I know he'll play Sunday. No indication on a suspension. The facts will come out, the real facts.

(Should he have been out at 11 o'clock drinking given history?) He's a part of the team. We're all part of the team. If you want me to police players being out at 11 o'clock, that is not reasonable. Let's get the real facts first.

(Have you talked to him?) I talked to Adam and what he said and I said will be kept private. (Did he apologize to the team?) I think he did apologize to the team, I wasn't there for it but that's what I was told. (What has Roger Goodell said?) I don't have any idea about Roger Goodell. Jerry will talk to you.

(Do you need him on the field Sunday?) He's been active every game for us, so I would hope he'll play. I coach the team, he's here early every day, he's in the meetings, does all the things on the field, trying to be a good football player. The incident off the field, if there was one, we investigated it, and have the facts. Our security people are investigating the issue and Jerry will address it.

(If there was an incident? The police said there was an incident?) You're saying what the police said, I'm telling you what's going to happen. I don't know what the police said, our security people checked out. They'll tell you what happened. (very angry exchange)

(Are you disappointed in the incident?) If there was an incident, then yes, it would be disappointing. I trust my players, he's one of my players, I think he'll do the right thing.

(Is it tough planning game-to-game with the possibility he would be suspended?) A player can be hurt and not be there, it's the same with any player. You play with what you have and a player might not be there so you get the next guy ready. I believe he'll play on Sunday.

(Are Jenkins and Scandrick getting more reps because of this?) We practiced today like we did the past two days, we're getting ready to play the game. I have no idea if anything will change, I suspect not.

Roy, like Watkins, wasn't in pads, the worked on the show team, just moving around doing those things.

We're being prudent with Terence, we're having an expert in the field look at him again. Don't know the long term or short term.

Roy won't play this week, maybe in the next couple of weeks. It was a good step that he practiced. We let him do that and it wasn't a problem.

I'm waiting for Jerry Jones to address the facts, as it's been termed.