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Jerry Jones discusses the Pacman Jones incident

Jerry Jones just addressed the media about the Pacman Jones situation. It was a long press conference and Jerry talked about a lot of stuff. I'll try to sum it up as best I can.

-         The Dallas Cowboys will not discipline Adam Jones in anyway because he did not break any team rule.

-         Jerry described the incident as a case of Adam and his security guard Tommy Jones getting into a scuffle that was not that big of an incident. He described it as two guys, because of the amount of time they spend together, had gone beyond the professional and into a personal relationship. Because of that, they were involved in friendly, but obvious uncomplimentary banter, that escalated. At some point, the wrong thing was said and they got physical.

-         The only damage was a piece of the vanity display in the bathroom.

-         The league is investigating the matter and Jerry didn't want to give all the details because he didn't want to preempt the league's investigation.

-         The incident was over by 11:15 PM or so and was not a late into the evening affair. Alcohol was consumed but Adam was not drunk.

-         Jerry was disappointed in the incident.

-         Jerry had given permission for Adam to go to the party because it was supposedly a private affair and a limited guest-list, so he thought it wouldn't be a problem. He never guessed that a problem would arise between Adam and one of his security team. He reasoned that he learned a lesson that when two people spend that much time together that it could turn into a personal relationship, a friendship and because they were friends, they could have playful arguments. And those could turn into something more like a fight.

-         Jerry made a point that Adam has done everything that he has asked of him. He's passed drug tests three times a week for the past couple of years and whenever Jerry asked him not to go somewhere or do something Adam has never argued. Jerry has given him pages of places in the Dallas area that he should never go to. It was also revealed that Jerry handles all of Adam's finances.

-         Jerry has no idea how soon the league will finish with their investigation and what the results of that will be.

So, what does everybody think now?


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