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NCAA football open thread (plus reading material)

So how did your team do this Saturday? Glad you asked. My Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets won a thriller 31-28 over the Florida State Seminoles. It came down to the Jackets' defense forcing a fumble at their own three-yard line in the final minute and recovering it in the endzone to preserve the win. That's a little to close for my heart to deal with, but hey, we won the game and went to 7-2 on the year.

How did your team do? Or are they playing right now? A little Texas-Texas Tech action?

Fell free to discuss all games from this Saturday including the night games. Or any Cowboys stuff.

Some reading material.

I did a couple of '5 Questions' deals this week, here and here

Jason Witten still could play, but I doubt it. Anthony Henry and Anthony Spencer are playing. 

Preview of the game.

The Kiddie Corps in the secondary is ready to go, but with Henry playing, they might not be counted on as much. 

Zach Thomas = good signing. 


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