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Big news for BTB

Just like Jerry Jones is always working to bring the fans a Super Bowl team, I'm always working to bring you guys the best possible Dallas Cowboys blog on the Internet. Today, I want to announce that we're making a big addition here at Blogging The Boys.

Many of you already know the excellent work of Rafael Vela and Raul Villaronga over at Blue & Silver Report, one of the best Cowboys blogs around. Rafael and I have been friends since meeting at training camp a few years ago and have kept up a correspondence over the years. Over the past few weeks, we've been kicking around the idea of joining forces and creating a Cowboys blog to beat all Cowboys blogs. Now I have the honor of telling you that it's going to be a reality.

Rafael and Raul will be joining the crew here at BTB and along with me and the always-great Brandon and Tuna Helper, we hope to bring you a blog worthy of Super Bowl champions. Over the next few days you'll start to see posts written by Rafael and Raul and they will be part of the team at BTB on an on-going basis. We'll also be welcoming their blog readers as they join BTB.

So let's give them a big welcome to BTB, make them feel right at home, and get working of kicking some Redskins butt.

This is a gold-star day for BTB as we welcome two writers of immense talent and their loyal readers.


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