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Should the Cowboys try to exploit their matchups with DeAngelo Hall?

Burger King breaks down our matchup against the Redskins. He sees DeAngelo Hall as a liability.

Hall has always talked a great game, but this year he proved he can't play one. He should be no more than a third corner behind Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers when Springs returns from his calf injury. Still, when Hall was on Sirius NFL Radio Friday, he still talked with Deion-like bravado, telling a host who said he'd given up some big plays: "You just made that statement, 'give up big plays.' I don't think I gave up a play over 20 yards this season. I gave up one to Michael Jenkins, a 27-yard touchdown. That's part of the business, the nature of the beast. When you're getting a lot of money, you're expected to make a lot of plays. And there are a lot of plays out there I didn't make and I take responsibility for those."


Ah Jennifer Floyd Engel. She's baaaaack! Such a Debbie Downer. She could bring down a bachelor party. She's definitely not the person to go to for an optimistic view of the 'Boys.

Her favorite phrase?

"I told you so."

Way back in July, back when everybody figured this Cowboys team to be pretty much screw-up proof, Owner Jones uttered a bunch of his typical hyperbole.

"I told you so!"

Like about how Pacman was so reformed and trustworthy and, therefore, a steal in exchange for a couple of second-day picks.

"I told you so!"

Or how signing aging talents like T.O., Flo, Terence Newman and Ken Hamlin to long-term, big-time contracts was pure genius. Or my personal favorite that this coaching staff is his best since coming to Dallas.

"I told you so!"

Eventually, she gets to the point of the editorial ... I think ... which is to say we need to start playing up to our Super Bowl potential. 

But guess what. We're barely in the playoff mix right now. So, I realize you get a big kick out of the team's struggles, but once your hand gets tired from patting yourself on the back, you might want to recognize that this team is in the fight of it's life. I'm way more interested in where do we go from here than ... wait for it ...

"I told you so!"


Romo seems to be throwing with more velocity. That's good. He's still hurting but the pain is manageable.

It's one thing for the Cowboys to have their two-time Pro Bowl quarterback returning to practice. To have him performing near his best is even better.

Wade Phillips said Tony Romo was throwing passes with velocity during Monday's practice, which must have been a welcomed sight after three weeks of Brad Johnson taking the first-team reps, and a limited Romo throwing last week. Romo practiced with a splint to guard the fifth finger on his throwing hand, which he fractured in the overtime loss at Arizona on Oct. 12.

When Romo has participated in practice while wearing the splint before, his passes appeared to have more wobble than usual. Today, the tight spiral returned.

"Romo is better and better," Phillips said. "Last week he was OK. Today he was a lot better, I think. He had more zip on the ball. He felt more comfortable. He's still taking snaps - didn't seem to be a problem. It's looking better and better for him as far as getting back to where he was."

Also, we're still undecided on who's going to hold for Nick Folk.

Not. Good.


Jamie Aron hits on a similar theme about the 'Boys. Even Coach Wade said it. We need to get hot. Fast. Like NBA Jam hot. We need to win as many games as possible as quick as possible. 

The Cowboys go to Washington on Sunday night knowing they'll almost certainly make the playoffs if they win their final seven games, probably even if they go 6-1. But they can't lose many more than that, and they'd really make things tough on themselves by losing to teams like the Redskins, who are ahead of them in the division and conference.

We have no room for error.


Remember Breerman? I assumed he was still depressed about the Patriots and their ultimate chokejob in the Super Bowl (I kid Breerman!)

Now he's offering some advice on how to right the ship.

Interesting read but Grizz had the better take in my opinion here and here.


Pretty good story from the Washington Post about our season. It makes two good points: our problems didn't start with Romo but at the same time you can't write this team off until Romo comes back. We've basically played three games where our offense was stagnant. For all our faults, we are not an incompetent offense when Romo is at the helm. He won't solve all of our problems but teams will get a true sense of what this team can do once he's back at the helm.

Shoutout to CowboysFan4Life and his fanpost here.


The Cowboys worked out six defensive players today. Seems like their looking for depth and a chance to address some special teams needs.


Here's an interesting look back at the day Tom Landry was inducted in the Ring of Honor. At first he turned Jerry Jones down. Who wouldn't want to give the finger to the guy that fired them? Then a group of his former players persuaded him to accept and eventually he did. A great day in Cowboy history.  

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