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Tony Romo, meet Roy Williams

This all just seems to surreal, almost as if the first half of the season was all a bad dream. Looking back at how this team was playing at this point last year, it's hard to believe that the Cowboys are in theory more talented now than they were then. Yet starting in the Green Bay game in week three, something happened to this team and the magical spark was lost. Instead of watching Terrell Owens have a career day at home against the Redskins we watched one of the most mind boggling offensive gameplan I have seen in a very, very long time.

The Dallas Cowboys offense is built on explosive, down the field aggressive play. Take that away and the Cowboys have shown they can turn pedestrian in a heartbeat. The Redskins were able to contain T.O. and the Cowboys lost their offensive prowess, especially when Jason Garrett mysteriously forgot he had Felix Jones available to play. Sure, the Cowboys jumped back in it in the final minutes but for the majority of the game the offense sputtered. That inconsistent trend continued for two more games until Romo went down with a broken finger. Then the Brad Johnson yawn-a-thon commenced.


Hard to fathom that its been over a month since we've seen Tony Romo under center for the Cowboys. Before he went down though it was obvious that something needed to jumpstart this offense; things just didn't feel right. Well, insert Roy Williams into the starting lineup and things get jumping pretty quick. Only problem is that as Williams is waltzing onto the field Romo was walking off with a cast on his hand.

Roy Williams has played in three games for the Cowboys, and has three catches. One of those catches was absolutely spectacular, and is just a glimpse of what he can do if the dang quarterback would just chunk it up to him. In the words of Terrell Owens, he can't throw himself the ball.

For the first time since the big trade, we now have the chance to see what this offense can become when all of it's weapons are in place. Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Roy Williams, Marion Barber and (possibly) Felix Jones are all going to take the the field against the Redskins Sunday night. If Jason Garrett can't find a way to utilize them properly then he needs to sign up for some extra classes at Princeton.

The addition of Roy Williams into the mix is huge. His presence should open things up for Owens and take the pressure off an ailing Witten. What Tony Romo needs to realize is just what kind of receiver he has at his disposal. Throw it up to him and Williams will find a way to catch it. He is a force across the middle and a threat on the outside. If this offense starts to play up to its potential then a late season run is no longer a question but a certainty. The chemistry of Romo and Williams will be the key to unlocking the magic that existed last season.

One thing is for certain though, you have to actually throw it to him to give him a chance and that is all Romo needs to do.

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