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Clinton Portis has MCL tear, status for Sunday in doubt

Clinton Portis has an MCL injury reports the DMN Blog. Does this mean we see Shaun Alexander? Or does Rock Cartwright get all the carries? Ladell Betts? I have a hard time thinking he's going to play with a Grade 2 tear.

I don't wish injury on anyone. And I kinda like ... ahem, let me rephrase ... I respect Clinton Portis. He plays hard and when he's healthy he's one of the best backs in the league.

But it would be disingenuous to say I want him to play. I don't. It helps our chances of victory exponentially. It robs them of another playmaker. Plus, if they can't run the ball, they can't control the clock, which is a huge part of their gameplan. They dominate time of possession. Maybe without Portis, this will change.


Hmmm. I like this idea.

On, the guys discussed the possibility of using the hurry-up offense Sunday. Regardless of when it's used, I like the idea. Set the tempo. Don't allow them to dictate the flow of the game. Plus, it gives Romo a little cushion from the pass rush. Our offensive line hasn't exactly been steady lately and maybe a couple of series in the shotgun might help them get into a much-needed rhythm.

Also, Romo is excellent in this form of offense. He's great at making quick decisions, spreading teams out, taking advantage of the underneath throw to Barber or the intermediate throw to Witten.

The only downside I see is that we'll see the riverboat gambler-side of Romo come out. That guy can be reckless. He's prone to being stripped and throwing picks. But Romo makes far too many good decisions in this format for it to be a serious concern.

Ultimately, I don't think now is the time to be passive. I like the aggressiveness of this idea. Go at 'em. Make them adjust to us. 

Shoutout to CowboysFan4Life for his fanpost here. Again.



It's not hard. Stop the run and run the ball = usually a win.

We didn't do either against the Redskins in Irving. Sunday would be a great place to start.

In the season's four losses, the Cowboys have allowed an average of 150.3 rushing yards per game. They gave up 200 against the Giants Nov. 2, 190 against St. Louis Oct. 19 and 161 versus Washington Sept. 28. They gave up just 50 yards in the loss to Arizona, where their troubles were mostly related to special teams.

In the season's five wins, the defense has given up an average of just 72.6 yards per game. Wade Phillips says the absence of Tony Romo for the latest three-game stretch has something to do with the recent problems stopping opposing ground games. With Romo out of the lineup, teams were content to wear the Cowboys defense out, instead of having to worry about scoring with a high-powered offense.

"I think the Washington game was really the one that disappointed me the most because we had Romo, we were able to move the ball, and they ran the ball better (anyway)," Phillips said. The other games, it was a different situation . . . Not that Romo plays defense, but some of it is the game itself and whether you're ahead or not, those kinds of things as far as rushing is concerned."


Felix Jones didn't practice today. Not. Good.


Charean Williams does a "Where Are They Now" piece on former Cowboy Drew Henson. I actually kinda felt sorry for the guy until I remembered he got $17 mil from the Yankees and who knows how much from the 'Boys. He's a fifth-string QB for the Lions now. But I'm sure he is laughing all the way to the bank. Regardless, no hard feelings Drew. Good luck in the future.


Great roundup of Cowboy-Redskin stories. Be sure to check out Rick Gosselin's take on the matchup between Carlos Rogers and T.O. and Clarence E. Hill's "I Have a Cowboys Dream" speech.

I have a dream too.

I have a dream that one day soon, preferably Sunday, divine intervention will seperate the 'Boys from this evil curse of a losing streak. I have a dream that Romo's pinke will be the tie that binds us all.

I have a dream that Roy Williams will catch several fade routes and Tashard Choice will get some carries. I tell you. I have a dream.

I have a dream that Wade will blitz early in often. That Canty will revert to the player I recognized last year. That Jim Zorn will call far more tight end screens to Chris Cooley than he does quick outs and double moves to Santana Moss. Yes. I have a dream.

I have a dream of shotgun formations and no-huddle offense. Of slants to T.O. that aren't overthrown. Of interceptions. Yes! Interceptions by a starving young secondary. Yes. I have a dream.

So please don't douse this dream with a bucket of reality, Ok? Let's go snatch this victory and leave the Deadskins wondering what happened.


Fred Smoot says the Redskins "exposed" us. T.O. responds by saying "uh, yo mama." (Not really. But that's how I would've responded).


Jason Campbell is a good player. I watched him at Auburn and I've followed his career. He played very well against us in Irving and we need to get to him if we want to win this crucial game.

How to stop him

Changing blitz and coverage schemes confuses Campbell. If defenses can hurry him in the pocket, he can make mistakes. However, if he decides to run, he's quick enough to get upfield. If he sees one-on-one coverage he will try to exploit it, but heavy pressure and a safety over the top will prevent him from going deep.


T.O. was on Letterman last night. Pretty hilarious stuff. He presented his Top Ten nuggets of advice for children. The one about never crying during a press conference was great. 

Shoutout to scottmaui for his fanshot here.

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