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Wade Phillips press conference 11/12/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

Bobby Carpenter has a strained groin from Monday's practice, we held him out today, Felix Jones didn't practice, everybody else practiced.

Carpenter plays on a lot of special teams, if he doesn't play Anthony Spencer can play on most of those units, he can fill in and others will fill in on the return teams.

Felix's status is uncertain, he's still rehabbing. I don't know about tomorrow's practice. Not practicing isn't a good sign. He's still rehabbing (to 10 different questions about setbacks, will he practice, could he play, etc.) It's harder to play a rookie that hasn't practiced, but Felix only does a certain set of things, he's not in for the whole offense, if he's well he can play.

(Portis and Betts doubtful?) They got a lot of good backs. Portis is one of the top in the league, we expect him to play. Their o-line is good, they block well, they have capable guys coming in. They're going to run, that won't change whoever is in there, they're efficient in doing it.

(Can Romo play at high-level right away?) It's a case-by-case thing on QB's coming back. A guy that's played for a while, been in the league and been to Pro Bowls shouldn't take long. Yeah, threw the ball today, short and deep routes, crossing routes, inside and outside routes, he had zip on the ball. Players see him doing it, it helped with practice. We still got to work on timing. Washington presents a problem, they did well with Tony healthy, but he threw well today.

It's good for Romo to work with a quick tempo, he practices that way, he gets rid of the ball in practices like it's a game. It's good for him. Rhythm is a big thing with QB's besides talent and accuracy. (Is he working on the side with Roy, T.O.?) We try to work in the practices and before on those things, routes timing, with T.O. and Roy. It's important that he gets a feel for Roy, and us too, where we utilize him, which routes, implement those things.

Right now we're leaning towards Brad Johnson as the holder. We're still working other guys. Brad would probably be the #2 QB if he is the holder. We're not going to put someone in the game at that position that could make a difference. Nick is a good kicker and needs a good holder. We could activate all three QB's but you lose a player. I haven't seen positive enough stuff from the other guys to put the game on the line. We don't want to lose because of a holder. If we activated all three it takes away from another position, cuts down a lot of areas, a special teamer or an extra DB, that's probably where we're longer than anywhere.

Roy Williams will work into the starter position. We need to get him in the game, he's too talented. He's comfortable enough, but we'll alternate the receivers. And use 3-wide, 4-wide or maybe 5-wide. (mischievous grin)

It's hard to tell how much better it will be with Kyle Kosier just from practice. The comfort level for players that are used to playing with him, the feel, that's good. But as far as how he'll do, we haven't played a game yet. We'll see.

Flozell Adams' swelling in his finger is down. He said down from 5 inches to maybe four (Wade joke). It's better.

Terence Newman will play corner, won't return punts in this game.


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