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Cowboys @ Redskins: Washington has injury issues

We've spent the past month fretting over injuries and how they have put a damper on the season. Of course injuries haven't been the full extent of our problems but they had an effect. Getting Tony Romo, Terence Newman and Kyle Kosier back should put a smile - or at least a mild grin - on the faces of Cowboys fans. If you want to go to full smile with teeth showing, give me Felix Jones on the field this Sunday, too.

So while we've been moping about our own injuries over the past month, it turns out our opponent this weekend is having some major injury problems and their situation is current instead of mostly past-tense.

This Washington Post article sums up the situation for the Redskins but I'll give you the abbreviated version. 

Clinton Portis can finally straighten his leg but won't practice this week and will be a game-time decision. Ladell Betts is practicing on a limited basis and could make his first appearance in a game in over a month. If neither of those two can go, the Redskins will turn to Shaun Alexander. Alexander was once one of the better backs in the league but those days are past. I'm not going to jinx us by saying he's over-the-hill and washed-up, but he's let's say - slightly long-in-the-tooth. Washington could also turn to Rock Cartwright, who is a pretty decent player and has one of the best names in football.

Washington's injury issues don't stop at the running back position. Santana Moss is working through a hamstring problem, Shawn Springs and Jason Taylor have calf issues, Marcus Washington is trying to regain strength in his shoulder and Chris Samuels has knee pain. Most of those guys are expected to play but may not be at 100%.

Jason Campbell says he thinks Portis will play even though he admits he's just trying to be optimistic.

For more on the Redskins visit Hogs Haven.

There's more, click below.

If Clinton Portis doesn't play, maybe he can jump into the TV booth and become an analyst for the game. Here's his evaluation of the Cowboys defense. 

"As far as Dallas, when you see Dallas and they're not in sync, it's a blown coverage or a blown assignment somewhere. It's obvious because you'll see the guys arguing or looking back at each other as if they didn't know it."

As much as it pains me to say, that's the absolute truth. Watching the games afterwards for the Film Review, I see that all the time. As I've written before, we can't cover the bunch formation to save our lives. The Redskins love to run pick routes on the outside and last year they ate us alive with those formations over and over. The Cowboys secondary does an awful job of passing off receivers to each other and get thoroughly confused with their zone assignments when zones are flooded with receivers. I hope Dave Campo spent the past two weeks figuring this problem out.

Sounds like Jason Garrett and the offense are going to try a few new things this weekend.

Terrell Owens said the Cowboys have "tweaked" some of what they do offensively over the bye week. Tony Romo coyly talked about some "different things" that have him excited about what is ahead for the offense.

I'll believe it when I see it.

A statistical look at the chances of making the playoffs after a win or loss this weekend. 

Since that season [1990], 88 teams have come out of their 10th game at 6-4, with 59 making the playoffs. Conversely, just 24 of 83 teams with 5-5 marks made the tournament.


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