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Cowboys gut out huge win over rival Redskins, 14-10

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Oh yeah! How good does this win feel? Way to gut it out Dallas Cowboys. You went on the road and won a game against a division rival, the Washington Redskins. You saved the season and put it on the road to redemption.

Big shoutout to the defense who were tremendous and big ups to Jay Ratliff. The defense held it together while the offense struggled. But they finally got some things going, Martellus Bennett had a huge play. The offensive line gave Tony Romo time to throw and made some good blocks in the run game. The way Marion Barber closed out that game reminded me of last year.

Romo looked like he's going to be OK with the pinkie and looks like he's starting to get his mojo back. That little shovel pass that converted a huge third down was a little of the magic we missed on offense.

Use this thread to celebrate the HUGE win!