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Wade Phillips Press Conference: 11/19/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

We're looking forward to game, feel like we did last week, this is the most important game. The guys are looking forward to it. We got things to work on but they practiced well, they look focused.

Felix Jones was limited in practice, we'll see. I don't know about him playing on Sunday, not a good feel yet if he would or wouldn't, other things (injuries?) came up during rehab, we're working on those, too. (Might you sit him out until after the Thanksgiving game?) All things are possible, depending on what he can do. The other things were not knee-related.

Isaiah Stanback came back and practiced today, he'd be the fourth WR, he looked healthy and ready to go. We'll use him on kickoff returns. We've been playing with four WR's every game, we'll probably stick with that.

T.O. was sick today, he had flu-like symptoms, he came in but we sent him home, we hope he's better tomorrow.

Tony Romo looked fine. He wants to get the splint off, but it's not time yet, but he's close. He may not have to wear it in the game. He threw the ball pretty well in the game, I don't think it bothered him much to where it was a concern. He made all the throws in practice, deep, sidelines, he did the same in the game. The wind was a factor in one direction when it was gusting. So that played a part on deep passes, we played our DB's tighter because of that, too.

Even in zone we played up more than we would normally, conditions of the game make you play differently. My corners, the ones we have now, yes I want them to play up. It depends on who you have out there, I've done both (up or back). Jammer at SD played up all the time in zone or man, different techniques with different players based on what they can do. There's no feel involved on their part, they do what we say, we tell them whether to play up or jam them or whatever. We consider what they can do and what the receiver can do. If you play up it makes the QB hold the ball longer or go to another receiver. When I was in Buffalo we played a lot of man but we had corners that could, we thought we could here but we got injuries last year and this year.

They got Frank Gore back there, he's their leading receiver and running back, that's the guy we got to stop, he's the key guy. (Mike Singletary's influence since taking over?) They have run the ball more, seemed like they did, they scored 35 points in a half last game, that was different, it was impressive. They played well last week, that helps you confidence-wise just like winning last week helped our confidence.

Shaun Hill has done a good job, only 4 sacks in 3 games, pressure will be important and coverage, but you got to stop the running game first. They got a Pro Bowl-caliber back that can run, block, and catch. Maybe a little like Steven Jackson of the Rams.

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