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Jerry Jones says Pacman Jones will be back next week

Jerry Jones lets the cat out of the bag, pre-empting the NFL by notifying everybody that Adam Jones will be reinstated and can start practicing on Monday but won't play until the Pittsburgh game.

Hat tip to scottmaui for the FanPost. 

Support from his teammates:

"I support Pac. I talked to him on the phone frequently," nose tackle Tank Johnson said. "I talked to him actually after the game Sunday. He's just champing at the bit to get back and come back and be successful. ... Our team hopes he does [return]. He knows we're all with him and we're never going to turn our back on him. As soon as he gets back, it will be business as usual. I can't wait to have 21 next to me in the locker."

"When he was here he worked very hard and he helped us," quarterback Tony Romo said. "He's a good football player and I don't see why you wouldn't welcome a guy back that works hard on the practice field."


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