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Wade Phillips Press Conference: 11/20/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

You know the news on Felix Jones, we're disappointed for him and for us, long-term he will be all right. He's never been hurt before, then to have these injuries right in a row is a shame. But we had a good practice today, we can't wait for the game but we still have a couple of days to go.

(Will you add another back?) We're discussing all of that, we've been playing without him for four games. We hadn't had that position but we thought we would get him back so the we'd have enough backs, but we'll probably have to add a back. (Thought about playing Tashard Choice more?) Since Felix is hurt and it's the last part of season, we talked about it yesterday and we felt like Tashard was going to have to play more anyway so that is the direction we'll go.

Terrell Owens was fine today, I think he'll play, he had full-participation in practice today.

Adam Jones is not back yet, I just coach the guys that are here, we'll wait on that until next week.

The kickoff returner is Isaiah Stanback right now. Orlando Scandrick is his backup.

(Why haven't you played Choice more?) Tashard Choice being a young player, we felt like Marion could get through it, he's an exceptional guy. In some cases we'd like to limit his carries but you want your best players out there when the game is on the line and the last few games we've been trying to get the game on the line. We'd like to get ahead and play the other guy some, or choose our spots during the game. Marion is a great worker, he works out after every practice. (Will some plays for Felix be removed from the playbook?) Whether it's a receiver or a running back you have different plays for them, Roy Williams' plays are different from T.O.'s, it's the same with running backs.

Felix was upset obviously, he had never been hurt before, it was a blow to him. He had turf toe before but after a couple of days he was all right, he never missed a game. He injured it working out, he said he slipped while running. His foot slipped, he had on cleats, he was wearing hard-soled shoes, not tennis shoes where you can sometimes catch your foot. He slipped and it bent his toe back, he was on grass, it was just unfortunate. Everybody saw what he did on the field, not just his potential, I think he has a great future, we want to make sure of it. We explored everything and this was best for him first, and for the long-term, he needs the operation. He probably wouldn't have been effective if he tried to play and there are long-term problems he could face without the surgery, he has the worst of turf-toe.

Tony Romo is throwing with the splint but he threw effectively, he's more used to it now, his accuracy was good.

Frank Gore is like Brian Westbrook, that's a good analogy. He's so much of their offense, those kind of guys can beat you. He's the leading receiver and rusher on their team, and one of the leading rushers in the league. We have to know where he is and be aware that he'll get the football a large percentage of the plays.


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