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The Year of the Superdivisions

If you heard KC Joyner's interview last Thursday you know that his research has found over 70% of Super Bowl winners come from the first, second or third ranked divisions, as determined by winner percentage.

Using that information it's fair to say that the next champ will come from one of three divisions -- the NFC East, the NFC South or the AFC East.

Three weeks ago, duing the bye, a graphic was flashed during the Giants-Eagles game that Dallas was the first last-place team in decades to have a winning percentage this late in the year.

New records are then being set with every passing week, because today ever team in these three divisions is .500 or better.  The Eagles are bringing up the rear at 5-5-1.  In the South, New Orleans sits at 5-5 entering tonight's game against Green Bay.  In the AFC East the Bills and Dolphins are battling for last at 6-5.

Consider some of the juicy matchups using this formula:

  • Giants vs. Jets, the Subway Super Bowl
  • Giants vs. Patriots II
  • Cowboys vs. Jets
  • Cowboys vs Patriots
  • Panthers vs. Patriots II

I'm a little biased but it would be fun to see young Romo versus old Romo with a title at stake.

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