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So, How Fat is Montrae Holland?

Numerous sources are reporting that Kyle Kosier re-sprained his foot yesterday and may be shut down for the rest of the season.  That's extremely disappointing but not surprising.  Re-view your game tape if you have it and you'll see Kosier was being bull rushed by 'Niners DTs in the first quarter.  This isn't the same guy who was helping Andre Gurode blow open holes in Washington last week.

Wade Phillips said in today's presser that Cory Proctor would return to the LG slot.  Which raises the question, how fat is Montrae Holland?  Dallas got him in the last week of the pre-season to be an insurance policy for just this type of injury.  

Holland was a 16-game starter for Denver last year but ate himself out of a job over the offseason.  To say Holland was pear-shaped when he arrived in Dallas would distort the phrase.  Holland was a double-wide pear, if that makes sense.  He was immediately teamed with the training staff to regain his condition.

That was in August.  We're 13 weeks down the road and Holland still isn't fit enough to play? 

Does Calvin Hill counsel compulsive eaters too?  Because the time line makes no sense.  This would be funny if it were not so sad -- and important.  Proctor is barely backup level.  The Cowboys running game probably dropped two notches when Kosier went out.  Proctor has no ballast and can't anchor against power rushers.  He also can't generate any push on running plays. 

Kosier's loss puts a lot more stress on the passing game to carry the offense.



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