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Wade Phillips Press Conference: 11/25/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

(I didn't hear the beginning but I think he said Mike Jenkins is out for this week's game, at least he confirmed that later in the PC.) We'll know more on Kyle Kosier tomorrow (after second-opinion) as far as the season is concerned. Martellus Bennett was limited with an ankle sprain, Terence Newman was limited but he looks OK, Justin Rogers may be back this week. Pat Watkins we're not sure about, he was limited, a pain in his shoulder, the same injury has re-occurred. Tony Romo, Isaiah Stanback and Jason Witten are fine and practiced.

Newman was limited, but it was just a walk-thru practice, it's hard to be limited in that, just guys who had been banged-up. He seems to feel better than last week, I think he'll play.

Kosier's season depends on what the doctors say. We know what our docs said, we're waiting on a second opinion. (What did your docs say?) We'll wait and get the whole opinion and then make the decision. We're waiting for the other doctor.

Alan Ball might get some time with Jenkins out, possibly, Seattle goes 4-wide, you have to have more DB's with a team that does it, San Fran went 4-wides last week. We were playing Jenkins anyway some because we thought he needed to play, but he was kind of the extra back last week. We'll probably play Ball some but in special situations.

We worked Montrae Holland in some today. We're still looking at it. We're still looking at Holland playing or even starting this game. He's knows more now, I talked to Hudson and Jason, they feel a lot better now that he's been here a while. He's experienced, he started a lot of games, we feel good about where he is.

(Has Procter run out of gas, is Holland an upgrade?) We like Holland is more of what I'd say, we like Holland. We liked him but it took a little while for him to blend in and know what to do, his time is getting close to playing with Kosier out.

I expect the same effort from Julius Jones that he gave here. He's a great person, I enjoyed being around him, he's the right kind of guy. He did everything we asked of him as a player and did it the right way, I was proud to have him. He does the right things and works hard. (Will he be extra-motivated to play his old team?) That's up to him. Normally guys play well against their old teams. (Was it tough to demote him before the playoff game?) We thought it was best for the team. It was difficult because of the person he was but not because we thought it was best for team. Marion Barber came through in the game for us, he played well in the playoff game, well enough to win.

(Have you turned the corner with T.O. production-wise?) Yeah, I think we'll get 200 or 300 yards every game now. (He said he still isn't satisfied?) That's good, I'm glad, he's a competitor he wants to be the best and that's why he is the best. We'll try to do the same thing as last week.

Mike Holmgren will have them ready to play, they're certainly stronger than their record. It's more about how we play, if we play our best I feel pretty good about it. The last three games with Hasselback they had a chance to win those games. If you lose a few close games your record looks bad but you could be a good team.

Tony Romo is closer to not using the splint but I don't know. Whenever the x-ray shows he's completely well, we'll take it off.

We're not working Adam Jones in this week's practices. He's in meetings and learning the game plan and we test him and the rest of the team on it, but he's mainly doing the show team stuff. (Will he play the next game?) Yeah, I think he'll play. He said he's been working out. We'll see next week, with more practices we'll see, I think he'll be fine.

Carlos Polk has come in and caused a fumble in the Tampa Bay game, a big play, and the big play last week.

Nick Folk, I keep thinking he won't make everyone, but he does, and some were long, 47-yards. Nobody expects him to miss, I guess he will sooner or later. He is amazing in his calmness.

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