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Cowboys gobble up easy win over Seahawks, 34-9

On Turkey Day, the Dallas Cowboys feasted on some bird, gobbling up the Seattle Seahawks 34-9 in a game that Dallas owned from the first drive. Look no further than the big uglies on both sides of the ball for the victory. Dallas owned the trenches. In the first half, when the Cowboys built their lead, Tony Romo could have taken a turkey-induced nap in the pocket and still had time to pick out receivers. Romo ate his fill of the Seahawks defense, passing for 331 yards and 3 TD's. He also wasn't sacked on the day although he pulled off a few Houdini-like escapes. Montrae Holland was an upgrade over Cory Procter and looks like he may be the replacement for Kyle Kosier we needed.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys amassed seven sacks (celebrated with turkey dances) and many more hurries on Matt Hasselback while totally frustrating the Seahawks offense. For another game, this defense comes up big by not allowing a TD and getting a couple of turnovers. DeMarcus Ware was a beast with three sacks and now leads the NFL at 15.

Mentioning Ware though brings to mind the bad news of the day, Ware's knee injury and Marion Barber's foot injury. Ware said after the game while accepting the Gobbler award that his knee felt good but they didn't want him to go back in. But as always, we'll have to wait for the doctor's report.

The skill guys did their part, Jason Witten was huge, Roy Williams and Terrell Owens got involved, Martellus Bennett caught another TD and Tashard Choice showed some skill replacing Barber.

On the field the Cowboys played an excellent football game. Off the field, we have to wait for the injury report.

But go ahead and celebrate anyway, we're 8-4, and we're playing much better football. Granted against some bad competition, but you have to play who they schedule for you. The Cowboys had no problems accepting their bird feast today.

Box score.

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