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Sunday games open thread

It feels sort of like a bye week. No Dallas Cowboys football this Sunday, but we got a victory safely banked away and now we root for the NFC contenders to lose. According to Todd Archer the best scenario for us today is the Giants beat the Redskins, San Diego takes out Atlanta, the Saints beat-up the Bucs and Green Bay crushes Carolina. If all that happens we are the #5 seed and control our own destiny. If only Washington and Atlanta lose, we slide into the #6 seed.

Sounds good to me, that's what I'm concentrating on this Sunday.

This is an open thread for the games today. Feel free to chat it up.

Mac Engel takes a look ahead for the Cowboys. 

Martellus Bennett keeps talking and keeps catching TD's, and both activities are very entertaining.  

JJT says the run defense is the key. I'm always a "win the trenches" guy, so I'm with it. 

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