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Tony Romo returns to practice

I was waiting to see Wade Phillips' press conference today, but I guess he's not giving one. So here's some of the news of the day.

The biggie: 

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo returned to practice Wednesday.


"Hopefully it is feeling better. It's still not all the way, healed but it is getting there," Romo said Wednesday. "I'll put a splint on and see where we go."

It sounded a little tentative in description but at least he is out there working with the football again. Lord knows we need it.

Some other good news:

OG Kyle Kosier (foot) and CB Terence Newman (sports hernia) are practicing. RB Felix Jones (hamstring) was working out on the side.

Well, not so great on Felix, but they can afford to bring him along slowly this week. But getting Kyle Kosier back is going to be a big plus. I never thought I would miss that guy so much until he was gone.

Other news includes the expected after seeing the playing time split last Sunday, Anthony Spencer will see a lot more playing time.

"All I know is on first and second downs, I'm probably going to be playing a lot more," said Spencer, who missed games because of knee and hamstring injuries this season. "I'm just excited to be on the field. I mean, I've been injured this whole first half of the season, so I'm just excited to be out there."

Here's Mike Jenkins' answer to "the play." It's pretty convoluted and not very persuasive. 


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