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Dallas Cowboys news: Tony Romo set to start

The big story from yesterday was Tony Romo returning to practice with a new splint and a positive outlook:

"This is a football team, and no one player wins or loses football games," Romo said. "I think this football team’s best football is ahead of it, and we’ll be able to show that."

The best part of this is that Romo's new splint and healing finger will allow him to grip the ball much better than he was when trying to play against the Rams. The players also realize that just because Romo is returning doesn't mean that all of a sudden everything is fixed.

"I don't think it's a matter of him coming in and trying to be Superman and really saving this team," Owens said. "Tony's job is obviously very important at the quarterback position. I think he's had time to kind of assess games he hasn't played in. For him, it's just to come out and put the ball in playmakers' hands and let those guys make the plays."

There is no doubt that Romo coming back to the team will instantly infuse them with some much needed energy. We should realize though, that things weren't great before Romo went down and those issues are still there, especially when it comes to the offensive line. However, there is certainly an excitement about the team again and you would hope that would spill over to the players because it's obvious there was something missing. We all agree that Romo looked a bit skittish and not himself (although a skittish Romo is 100 times more effective than BJ or Bollinger) and hopefully the time off has allowed him to find that spark that made him enjoy the game when he first took over.

Brooks Bollinger is the official number two quarterback. Either Patrick Crayton or Sam Paulescu will become the holder for field goals.

Greg Ellis is disappointed in being benched on first and second downs in favor of Anthony Spencer.

"[I'm] disappointed as a competitor. Yeah, I want to be out there playing and doing what I do," Ellis said regarding a reduced role. "As far as this football team, that's what they feel [is] the direction they need to go in. That's the decision they made. That's it."

Nick Eatman says the players need to get away for awhile and the long weekend will be good for them.

According to Brad Sham, its all on the players to turn this thing around. That's my feeling exactly because its reached a point where this team will have to win almost in spite of the coaching.

And here is yet another case of the media taking advantage of the T.O. effect. I log onto to, and the first news story listed says this: T.O. rips Cowboys backup QBs

Now, T.O. did have some stuff to say about the play of the backups but none of it was out of line. Everything he said was right on, and I would be frustrated as hell if I was in him. He's getting open, he's starting to beat the press and the quarterback can't even throw an accurate slant. On Sirius radio yesterday, he also acknowledged that he is no longer the number one weapon on this team, but at the same time none of them are being utilized properly. So, he's just speaking the truth.

The negativity of the title of the article and how it's been done over and over again is just getting old.

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