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Staubach speaks on Romo; others decide we won't make the playoffs

Roger Staubach is like Uncle Phil on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

When he talks, you listen.

The Dodger makes a good point: Romo was right to let the finger heal. How does he know? Cause he's had the injury before.

"Toward the end of the year, I couldn't throw in practice for a number of days," Staubach said. "You're throwing it differently, and you're using different muscles. Unfortunately it's an injury you can play with, but you shouldn't play."

Don't take it from me. He'll tell you.

Justin Tuck has been fined by the NFL for his hit on Brooks Bollinger last Sunday. Don't like the call or the fine. But after saying "the only thing depleted was our heart" after the game, I can tell you I'm not shedding any tears over Mr. Tuck. Couldn't have happen to a better person.

Video of Tony Romo discussing the finger and how he'll practice with it. I've never been as concerned about another man's pinkie as I have with Romo.

T-New may start against the Redskins. I'm sure Santana Moss is licking his chops.

Newman regrets not having surgery sooner. But now he says the problem is fixed and he's good to go.

Video of Matt Mosley discussing the NFC East. Of course he says we're overrated. I don't disagree with him but I would still like to gut-punch him for saying it. Bad Tuna Helper! (Disclaimer: violence solves nothing and these are rants that are definitely not supported by BTB's management.)

Interesting article by Bill Barnwell in his Five Downs with Football Outsiders series. He discusses the importance of getting Kosier and Newman back and then he drops this little nugget:

5. Per the FO playoff odds, there's a 96.9 percent chance that the Cowboys will be playoff spectators. Do you see the Cowboys making the playoffs? Why or why not?

I honestly don't. I think their chances are better than that because of the guys they're getting back from injury, but there's no guarantees that Romo or Newman come back at 100 percent or that they don't get hurt again. They have an incredibly difficult second half schedule, all their subtle indicators of performance (fumble luck, third down performance) point to them already playing above their head...This team still has to face the Redskins, Steelers, and Eagles on the road. Should we expect them to win any of those games? One? If they go 1-2 there, then they have to run the table at home against San Francisco, Seattle, the Giants, and Baltimore to just make it to 10-6, where they'll likely only have a tiebreaker against the Eagles. Realistically, this team needs to go 6-1 the rest of the year to ensure themselves a playoff spot. I just can't see that happening.

I'm just going to put his name on my Big Payback List. So when we do make the playoffs I can send him a note and call him everything in the book.

What's the Big Payback List you ask? Just a lil' something for all the haters out there. Currently on the list: Justin Tuck (although I might send him an anonymous note, that's a big dude), the guy who laughed out loud when I told him Kobe would win MVP two years ago, the cop that gave me a speeding ticket and then my girlfriend a jaywalking ticket (c'mon man! The 'Boys were on!) and my elementary school teacher who gave me a referral for dancing in class to Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

There will be retribution.

Oh yes.

Shout out to california fan for his fanpost here.

DeAngelo Hall was cut by the Raiders. Don't even think about it Jerry. I have a lot of Raider fans and they've convinced that this dude is sorry as toilet water. Remember what Eddie Royal did to him opening day? Walk. Away. JJ.

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