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Wade Phillips Press Conference: 12/11/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

We're not putting Adam Jones on IR yet but he won't play this week. I don't know what the doctors said or didn't say, and we don't know long term. Marion Barber didn't practice and is still iffy, he's still limping some. He ran straight-head but cutting on it was a problem. We'll try to get him ready. We held out Keith Davis for precautionary reasons, he did fine yesterday, we wanted to be safe. I think he'll practice tomorrow. Ken Hamlin will probably be out all week, game time for him, Montrae Holland will be out and probably won't play. L.P. Ladouceur was out with a neck but we think he'll be fine. Roy Williams is out all week but we think he'll play, we're just trying get the foot well. Miles Austin was limited but he's come on, he looked good today, there is a possibility he could play. That wasn't in the plan in the beginning of week, but we're adjusting, he looked 100% for the times he did practice today. Jason Witten is limited with the sprained ankle, he felt better, looks like he'll play. Everybody else practiced.

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(Why not IR for Adam, could he play against Baltimore or later?) I don't think Adam  will play against Baltimore, but whoever we bring in this week would be inactive anyway, so we'll wait and see next week if we put him on IR and who is to replace him. He's going to be inactive this week, we don't need to do anything right now. We don't know all the reports as to his coming back this season but it sounds slim. It's positive that it wasn't a career-threatening situation, he won't need an operation. That's what our docs said, too, but the injury could last for  awhile.

If Miles Austin is back he could return kicks. Both he and Isaiah Stanback do a good job, we like either one.

Marion Barber made a little progress but not overwhelming. It's a case of him getting a feel and us getting a feel for how much he can do, straight ahead running he's OK but we need to see if he can cut. A game time decision, him going out before the game to test it if possible or like last week it might be obvious he can't go.

(What about the meeting between Jason Garrett and some receivers?) I don't know anything except what Jason said, we invite all our players to talk and communicate, we do that all the time, not just receivers, they are all allowed to talk about what they're feeling and how to get better. (Is it a problem they think Tony shows favoritism to Witten?) I don't know anything about favoritism, I'm not sure that's the case. We've passed for a lot of yards to a lot of players. One WR is close to 1,000 yards already. I don't think there's anything to that. It's not anything serious, we encourage communication, I think we handle it well, both players and coaches. (Does Romo have tunnel-vision for Witten?) No tunnel vision, the Steelers played Cover 2, that's what we wanted was to use the middle on that. Witten was open on a fourth and 2 and we threw deep rather take what is there. Go to the guy who is open. It doesn't concern me. Tony is the QB, he always takes the blame like the coach. That's part of being a QB because you get a lot of glory when you win, the players know he cares enough to take blame, not every QB does that. The other players think they're open and they want the ball. Part of what Terrell Owens says is I want to win, and if you get me the ball it will help us win. That's not a bad thing.


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