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Building the Blogging The Boys community

Blogging the Boys is growing. Earlier this year those of us who were here at BTB  went through a change of formats that revolutionalized the way SB Nation communities were connected. We also have grown into the new template that encourages user participation and provides a forum for healthy, informed Dallas Cowboys discussions that is rarely found elsewhere.

Exactly one month ago, Blogging the Boys took another huge step forward when the site merged with the Blue and Silver Report (formerly The Boys Blog). The move brought together two of the most impassioned, loyal and smart Cowboys fan communities on the web, as well as bringing in two of the best Dallas Cowboys writers on the web, Rafael Vela and Raul Villaronga.

Since the merger, Blogging The Boys has seen a substantial and exponential rise in visitors and registered users. We have also seen record numbers in the game day threads, both in contributors and numbers of posts. While the transition has not been without its growing pains its easy to say that Blogging The Boys is better than it has ever been before, and will only continue to grow as we move forward into 2009.

With that being said, I would like to announce a few exciting new features in the BTB community.

A few days ago, Raf broke the news that Blogging The Boys now has a Twitter feed. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is what is known as a "microblog", an easy way for BTB readers to get quick updates about what is happening on the website. This will include teasers about future posts and interviews, as well as quick discussion topics that come up during a typical day at BTB.

You can find the BTB Twitter page at

Signing up is free and the site is extremely easy to use. For those of you new to Twitter I am certain you will find it a great way to keep up not only with Blogging The Boys, but all of your friends and family as well. This is also another great way to connect with other users here at Blogging The Boys, and will help strengthen the community built here.

Continuing in the social networking realm, Blogging The Boys now has an official Facebook page for the website. Here you will also find updates about the website, news about future posts, and links to new articles.

You can find the BTB Facebook page here.

Once again for those of you new to Facebook, it is free for everyone and very user friendly.

Blogging The Boys now has an official email address, . Starting soon BTB will introduce a weekly mailbag feature, where we answer your emails about the Dallas Cowboys. We will do our best to respond to everyone either by email or on the weekly feature. We will also never use anyone's full name unless explicitly authorized.

Our inbox is also a great way to let us know how we are doing here at BTB, and to answer any questions you may have regarding the site.

Stay tuned for another exciting announcement about Blogging The Boys in the near future.


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