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Pro Bowl Roster announced: 4 Dallas Cowboys named starters

Officially announced on

Dallas Cowboys named as starters:

DeMarcus Ware, OLB

Jason Witten, TE

Jay Ratliff, NT

Andre Gurode, C

Dallas Cowboys named as alternates:

Leonard Davis, RG

The player and coach voting took place right after the Pittsburgh game, so I think that hurt Romo along with the missed games. I just think there are other deserving quarterbacks that should have made it instead of Eli Manning, who has shown he struggles to carry the team when they don't have a running game. But this just shows how much the Pro Bowl voting is a joke, about the same as Roy Williams continuously making it the past few years.

I also believe that this helps the Cowboys' team mentality. They have developed a certain "its us against the world, and now we have to prove ourselves" type of outlook. I do think that Bradie James got snubbed a bit, but the Pro Bowl is also about name recognition and he is just now putting his name out there.

It is great to see Ratliff finally get the props he deserves.

You can check out the entire roster here.

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