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Terrell Owens clears the air on Sportscenter

Hopefully we can lay to rest all of this foolishness and focus on an important game Saturday night.

Tonight on Sportscenter, Terrell Owens spoke his mind regarding the events from last week. His point was this: "Not once did I openly say anything bad about Romo or Witten, nor has anyone on the team confirmed what I said aside from some anonymous player." He was upset that on the basis of one guys quotes, that were not corroborated by anyone else on the team, Owens was thrown under the bus as once again trying to tear a team apart. He acknowledged that his past doesn't help things but he has done what he can to remove himself from those incidents.

Follow the jump for a summary of the Terrell Owens interview on Sportscenter.

This is a summary of the Terrell Owens interview on Sportscenter.

  • It all started with Ed Werder's reports from an anonymous player. The meeting held by Garrett, which he initiated before a team meeting knowing everyone was upset about the Pitt loss, and let me vent and wanted my input on anything that they could do better. It was an open, honest and candid conversation that should have stayed private. Then it was reported that me, Crayton and Roy kicked in his door complaining and I was the head honcho, but that's not what happened. The meeting happened on Monday, but the reports didn't come out until Thursday by the anonymous player and that s where I think I was unfairly criticized. People won't let go of the past, and I mean things that happened in San Fran and Philly and I have tried to remove myself from what happened there. It seems like everytime something happens or arises, I'm to blame. With this situation, I can't take it. the accusations that Ed Werder made, regardless of who told him or what was accused and allegedly said, I didn't say those things.
  • So your saying that what Werder reported never happened.? I never said none of those things. What was reported by Ed was that I said that Tony and Witten were drawing up plays behind my back and freezing me out. I didn't say none of that.
  • What did you say to Jason Garrett? We just addressed a disappointing loss and what can we do to move forward as a team because every game moving forward is critical for us. We just wanted to be on the same page. When you look at the film there were plays when the receivers were open and these were things that needed to be addressed amongst us on the offense because all of us on the offensive side of the ball ...we have a lot players capable of making plays. Thats basically the nature of the meeting.
  • Obviously somebody said something to Ed Werder inside the Cowboys' locker room; why is your problem with the reporter?  The controversy wasn't about the meeting the controversy was about this player saying what he did about feelings about Romo and Witten. You don't believe someone said this about you? I believe someone said it, but the thing is I DIDN"T say it. So why would someone just jump to the conclusion that I did say it and cause all of this turmoil throughout the course of the week? If you look at situations from the past and this incident for example, all of the reporters are going to ask guys in the locker room what's going on what's their take on all this.....If I was at fault, then there would be guys in there saying I was at fault, so its going to be confirming what the situation is.

It seems like there was more to the interview, but ESPN cut it short. Maybe that was it.

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