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We are NOT the Giants ...

Columnist Adam Schein goes where I think a lot of people will go in the near future. This year's Cowboys are a replica of last's year's Giants.

1. Dallas = New York

 The Dallas Cowboys could be the Giants from a year ago.

That's right.

The Cowboys, assuming they are done fighting amongst each other, can still go to the Super Bowl because of their defense and star power on offense.

That is, of course, if they make the playoffs.

Dallas' defense is finally clicking. DeMarcus Ware had three of the eight sacks against Eli Manning on Sunday night. Fellow linebackers Greg Ellis, Bradie James and Zach Thomas have been playing great ball. Terrence Newman is back and playing at a Pro Bowl level. Jay Ratliff is the most underrated defensive tackle in the game.

I see the argument. We have a defense with a fierce pass rush, a much-maligned quarterback, an emerging rushing attack and a coach on the hot seat supposedly.

But I just don't think football karma works like that. We definitely have a shot. Four wildcard teams have won the Super Bowl since 1998. But if we do I don't think it will resemble the Giants Super Bowl run. No Super Bowl run is a template. They're all unique, hair-raising, lucky in some respects and special. It takes a talented team with commitment and heart. We can do it. But it won't be like the Giants.

I say this because we don't win like the Giants. I wish we did. Eli Manning is best when he doesn't make mistakes and their defense creates pressure and causes turnovers. Last year they beat up teams with their running game and pass rush and then made enough plays to win it in the end. They won their last three playoff games by a combined 10 points. This year they've been more explosive (except, say, a few days ago, when they were manhandled by the 'Boys!)

If we have a Super Bowl run, it will not be like that. Romo isn't a bus driver. He makes plays but he also gives up plays. Our offense, even on a bad day, can put up a lot of points on opposing defenses. If MB3 can't shake this injury, our running game goes from punishing and powerful to quick, deceptive and effective with Tashard Choice.

So give it a rest, guys. I get it. A lot of times journalism is about spotting trends. Situation A looks like Situation B thus what happened in A will happen to B. It's textbook. Many times it's very effective and I appreciate it. I realize it's a compliment.

But this time I'm going to have to take a pass. We are our own team with our own qualities, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Let us make our own mark before you tranpose someone else's accomplishments on us.

Let us win this thing our own way.

NFL Films does us all a favor and features the Cowboys and the Giants in the Game of the Week video. Complete with dramatic music and spliced commentary. Beautiful stuff.

Shout out to MrMinority and his fanpost here.

Great video on how the Cowboys exploited matchups to attack the Giants' vaunted offensive line.

Our defense is like Firefly Beach in Negril: it's turning heads and making a name for itself. Similar to the type of attention these girls get everywhere they go.

"If we can continue to play like we've been playing, we feel like it's enough to get us where we want to be," said defensive end Marcus Spears, himself a big reason the Cowboys have been so successful shutting down the run, which they've done so well in the recent turnaround. "We always felt we were a big part of what we do here as a team. You can't get into a situation where you feel you can get lax because your offense can score points . . . We want to be the best. That's the bottom line."

The win over Tampa showed how dominant the Cowboys can be when they stop opposing running games, as they held Bucs running back Earnest Graham to just 42 yards on 17 carries. The next week, New York's Brandon Jacobs went for 117 yards on the ground, and the Cowboys went into their bye week with a chance to re-prioritize.

Since then, they've held each opponent's top runner in check.

Pro Bowler Clinton Portis had just 68 yards, Frank Gore only 26, Julius Jones 37, Willie Parker just 25 and Derrick Ward had 64. Nothing special there.

"Once you realize they are not going to be able to run the football on you, you can take more chances," Phillips said. "You can attack more, you can go up the field more, you can make calls where (you) are pass rushing and reacting to the run rather than just the regular run recognition and recognizing pass." 

The Baltimore offense? Well, their kind of like if your Dad went to the beach with nothing but a towel. Not. Pretty.


Wade and Romo talk to the Baltimore media.


T.O. and Roy Williams in this video talking about the Pro Bowl and the last game at Texas Stadium. If you look close you can see Calvin Watkins of the DMN, Clarence E. Hill of the Star-Telegram and Spags. Man. Spags is short!

If you enjoy ... You know what. I was going to try and write something witty about Galloway and JFE and this video but I just can't. Straight up. It's just a video of them full of a hatred. That's pretty much it. Wade can't coach, T.O. is evil (seriously) and everybody is clueless but them. I'm sure somebody appreciates their schtick. Yeah. Um. Not me. Reminds me of this song.

If you forgot that DeMarcus Ware is from Alabama, here's a good video to remind you. This video shows him during the Seattle game and his having so much fun you can just here the country boy coming out. Reminds me of this.


Apologize to Uneasy Ed Werder? Yeah. That ain't happening. Reminds me of this. I can hear T.O. playing this song on his IPod whenever Werder comes close


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