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Wade Phillips Press Conference: 12/18/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

Tony Romo practiced today and felt a lot better, he looks good for Saturday. Marion Barber didn't practice, it's similar to last week, have to see on gameday. We're looking forward to the game, it's a big, big game, we want to get to 10 wins and go from there.

(If Barber can't go will Choice take all the snaps or will he get any rest?) I think Tashard Choice is the guy, if Barber isn't there, that can carry the load. Alonzo Coleman hasn't played much so it would be hard to put him in there.

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Ken Hamlin didn't practice and Keith Davis didn't practice but both should be ready. Keith practiced yesterday and we had him take the day off, Hamlin hasn't practiced this week. like last week, and probably won't.

Bobby Carpenter didn't practice, it's iffy with him and the same with Alan Ball, both are injured and trying to get back, as is Montrae Holland, he's probably a little worse than the other two.  

The final game at the stadium is a historical thing, I'm old enough to appreciate something historical. I've seen a lot of history and place more value on it, it's a great stadium and all it stands for, the coaches, the players and the fans that have been there, it's a special game. I don't know if there's anymore pressure, it's a big game for us, it will be fun to see all those people (ex-Cowboy players), they blazed the trail.

Roy Williams practiced better this week, I think he's better, he looked better, that's positive. It's tougher for a WR who hasn't been with you for long, not being able to practice, but he needed rest. Those things tend to linger, plantar fasciitis, he's got to run so it's sore.

Pacman looked fine practicing, just like before.

(What effect does it have having to play each game with so much pressure to win?) It makes you better, how we finish is important, you're focused on having to win, as opposed to you're running along like the Giants last week or us last year, with not as much to play for. The pressure helps you get ready for games, we're playing those kinds of games. The teams we're playing down the stretch are winning teams. In the meetings and practices players are really honed in on what to do, it's all out there for you, reach out and grab it. We control our own destiny, there's something we can do about it, we just need to continue.

(What qualities make a ‘ballhawk' like Ed Reed?) He's special in that he sees more, anticipates better, certain guys do that and he does that. You say he's in the right place at the right time because he anticipates things, reacts quicker. He's a talented player, great hands and he can run, he has a knack.

Ray Lewis has played very well the last two games, he's got a lot of tackles, he's a team leader which is important, he helps the other players play better.

(What does Keith Davis playing through injury say to the team?) It's an example of toughness, he leads by example but is also a vocal leader. He's banged up but still plays at a high level, it's a good example for the young players.


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