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Be Grateful for Small Favors

Thanks, Norv Turner and Philip Rivers.  Their win over the Bucs keeps Dallas in the 6th seed.

Thanks, Jim Zorn and especially Greg Blache.  His D's effort held the Eagles to three points and a huge loss, because it keeps the Eagles behind the Bucs in the playoff hunt. 

Dallas is in a win and in situation, but NBC may play a part.  If they flex Dallas into the evening spot, the Eagles, who need a Raiders win over the Bucs and a win over Dallas to get in, may know their fate before kickoff.

Think back to '05.  The Cowboys needed help and a win over the Rams to make the playoffs.  They played the Sunday night game.  They took the field knowing they were eliminated and played a dull, pre-season like game.

If the Eagles are in this spot, we could see Kevin Korb.  However, the Eagles loss makes it less likely this becomes the flex game.  With the Broncos and Chargers playing in the certain winner-take-all Hochuli Bowl, the Peacock Network may choose them instead.  Or the Jets- Dolphins game, which also has major stakes at play.

In any case, be grateful for small favors. 

Game recap in half an hour.

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