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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

The DMN blog reports that today's practice, basically a walk-thru, was missing Tony Romo because he was sick and Jason Witten also sat it out. Marion Barber dressed but Tashard Choice took the first-team reps.

Just to be clear, the Eagles need the Bucs to lose to the Raiders and the Bears to lose to the Texans to remain in contention for the playoffs going into the 4 o'clock kickoff against Dallas. Both of those games start at 1 o'clock.

For news from the Eagles visit Bleeding Green Nation where our good friend JasonB runs the show.

The Cowboys defense says the two back-breaking runs by the Ravens were an aberration and won't affect their confidence.

Romo, the Cowboys, December and the playoffs.

Tony Romo comments on a lot of subjects in this Q&A. But ball security is all the news this week.

Do you treat those long interceptions like you had in Baltimore almost like punts?

Romo: Don't get me wrong. They are never a good thing. I'm not trying to make it sound better. An interception is a bad deal, no matter what time it is or frame or whatever. I think sometimes, against a team like Baltimore, you get into a mode, or you just kind of do stuff off the cuff a little bit. That's what they do well. There're probably 20 different throws where you are just kind of off the cuff in that game, which is a really, really high number for a game. Obviously, I made two poor choices on those. I have to fix it. I have to go back and decide why I did that, and make sure the next time I get in that situation, I don't. It's part of the game. It's part of the learning process. And I will get better, I promise you that.

Jason Garrett also comments

"That's something he's had a history with," Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said. "That's part of what Tony has done, if you go back to when he first started playing. He made a lot of plays, but he also made a lot of turnovers. I think he's made great strides in that area. You learn from those things and hopefully as we go forward into this game, those things kind of register when he's in a similar situation and he makes a better decision. Fact is, we all have to play better, and certainly he's a part of that."


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