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Merry Christmas from BTB!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December not only marks the Christmas holiday but is also the anniversary of Blogging The Boys joining SB Nation. Three years ago in August '05 I started BTB and spent the first month or so talking to myself. Then a few guys joined me and commented on the blog, soon there was a small community that migrated over when the blog moved here in December of '05. I can't thank those guys enough who started with the blog in those early days and stayed with it.

Three years later it's amazing to see how much this little ol' blog has grown. This year, Brandon and Tuna Helper joined me on the front-page and frankly saved me from going insane by giving me a little downtime. Now, we've added Rafael and Raul and all the crew from BSR and the blog is thriving more than ever. Those guys have brought a whole new energy and perspective to the blog and next year should be our best yet. A big thanks to them.

Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah or just Happy Holidays to everybody out there who reads the blog. Without you, this would all be an effort in futility. If you're blogging and nobody reads it - are you really blogging? We'll leave that philosophical conundrum for another day.

This is a great community we have here so I wish you all the best today. And I wish us all much joy on Sunday when we kick some Eagles butt. Nothing would make a better Christmas gift than to watch Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson squirm on camera when they have to keep talking about the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Special holiday shoutout to some of my Cowboys brethren like Shango, DCFanatic, Chris at Inside the Huddle, Hostile at CowboysZone, and Josh Skeety and AZ Cowboy at Cowboys-Forum.

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