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Other Scores to Watch: Draft Jockeying

The Cowboys have a playoff spot to play for.  They also own key Browns and Lions draft selections.  Here is where those picks sit heading into the final Sunday:


2nd round -- Dallas:  The Cowboys 1st rounder belongs to the Lions, as partial payment for Roy E. Williams.  That pick today would be either 21st or 22nd, and could rise as high as 18th if Dallas loses tomorrow. 

The 2nd rounder slots accordingly.  Add 32 spots to the pick and the Cowboys' first '09 selection goes between 50 and 54, barring a deep playoff run.

3rd round -- Cleveland:  Dallas owns Cleveland's 3rd rounder and it could be very high.  The Browns owns the 7th overall pick, as of today.  They're part of a three way tie for the 5th spot with Seattle and Oakland.  Cowboys fans would be happiest if those three teams stayed in that order.  Teams rotate within their grouping, so while the Browns would pick 7th in the 1st if standings remained static, they would pick 6th in the 2nd round and 5th in the 3rd.

That means Dallas second overall pick could be as high as 69th overall.  But wait, it could go one slot higher!  I have to check out strength of schedule, but if the Bengals beat Kansas City at home and the Seahawks or Raiders win, this Cowboys pick could go as high as 68th. 

4th round -- Detroit:  Don't worry about this one.  It's the top pick of the 4th round, no matter what happens tomorrow.  That would make it the 97th overall pick, unless the NFL awards some compensatory picks at the bottom of round three. 

Dallas also owns its own 4th rounder, which right now falls somewhere in the 114 to 120 range.

-- The Cowboys also have two 5th rounders, a 6th and two 7ths. 

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