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Romo for MVP?

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While some people aren't sure Romo will make the Pro Bowl, Clarence Hill argues he might have an MVP in his near future.

Romo is first in the league in passer rating at 103.2. He is first in average yards per attempt with 8.5 He is tied for fourth in touchdown passes with 21, just three behind co-leaders Brees and Warner, who have 24.

But the thing that sets Manning, who will not win any statistical awards, apart is the same thing that separates Romo. Manning is 11-1 as a starter on the league’s best team. Well, Romo is 7-2 as a starter.

And if you didn’t know how valuable he was to everything the Cowboys do — offense and defense — then you learned it over the past six games.

Currently, just looking at QBs (because Clinton Portis, James Harrison and Anquan Boldin certainly have a case as well), there are three candidates: Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and Eli Manning. Brees and Warner are having historic years as far as numbers and statistics are concerned. Manning is not. But he's a Super Bowl MVP that followed that up with an 11-1 record on a team dealing with injuries and Cheddar Bob Burress (all jokes aside, I'm glad he didn't seriously injure himself).

Romo has a little of both. He's 7-2 as a starter this year and he's the highest rated QB in the league. Will it be enough to earn him the coveted award?

Hill makes a good argument that it could.

Shoutout to bloomth and his fanpost here and GloryDayz88 and his fanpost here.

Wins against a 9-3 team without your Pro Bowl QB apparently is not enough for JJT. Neither is winning on the road against a division rival. Winning four out of the last five games? Listen guys, JJT is yawning at you. And don't even get him on how overrated it is to have more than 200 yards receiving in a game.

But winning at Heinz Field Sunday? Priceless.

Go win in the cold, maybe the snow, on the league's worst field before a raucous throng waving their Terrible Towels and still peeved about the Cowboys' win in Super Bowl XXX. Go prove your high-powered, star-driven offense can score enough points to beat the NFL's most physical defense, a unit that will gladly remove your heart if given the chance.

Go take a significant step toward making the playoffs, because the Cowboys would be on the outside looking in if the postseason started today.


"I'm happy that Waffle House was ok with me talking to ya'll about my day today. And ya'll that's pretty much in a shell what's it's like to manage a Waffle House. Ma'am I don't know what else you want me to say to them and I'm also going to need to know where your commode is at."

This is a quote from one of my favorite scenes from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (which apparently spawned a dance craze). The kid looks mortified as her weird father. That is until Reese Bobby shows up and steals the show.

Well, on a day that you ride in a limo with Jason Witten to school, there will be no show stealing from anybody. This has to be the coolest thing ever for a young kid.

From the unfortunately named Beaver County Times (I'm assuming this is deep in Steeler country) comes an article about two unstoppable and unmovable forces: the Cowboy offense and the Steeler defense.

Something's gotta give.

Coach Tomlin is a fan.

"They are an 8-4 football team," Tomlin said of the Cowboys. "That’s respectable in itself, but they are much better than an 8-4 football team. And they’re a different team when they have their quarterback playing for them."

So far this season, the Steelers have faced four of the NFL’s top nine offenses — No. 4 New York Giants, No. 5 Houston Texans, No. 7 Philadelphia Eagles and No. 9 New England Patriots. In each instance, the Steelers held those teams to below their averages in total yards per game and points per game.


Should we run more slants to counter the Steelers blitz? Sounds good but he's the thing: we don't really run them all that well. Evidence here and here and here. It's like a cursed play for us for some reason. I'm not saying we can't run it or haven't run it. I'm just saying a lot of bad things have happened when we run it. Blame Brad Johnson, T.O. or Romo being rusty when he first came back. I blame the cursed play.


Nick Folk has been a godsend on FGs this year. There isn't another kicker I'd rather have with the game on the line. Not saying he's the best kicker in the league. But he's in my top five.

Folk wants to expand his game with more touchbacks and deeper kickoffs.

Me too.


Charley Casserly is an former general manager and executive I thought would go down in history for this move. Turns out he was right and I was wrong. Reggie Bush is a good player when he's healthy but Mario Williams is a beast.

Does that mean Casserly's right about the Cowboys-Steelers matchup? He has some good analysis at CBS Sports about the game. But apparently he doesn't think we can cover anybody on the Steelers team.

The first thing I want to find out is how healthy Newman is, and I do not believe that will take long to determine. If I were the Steelers I would go right after him and find out.

The Cowboys secondary -- even with Newman -- will be tested in this game. Anthony Henry -- their other corner -- will have trouble with either of the Steelers wide receivers: Hines Ward because of his route precision and Santonio Holmes because of his speed and quickness. The other interesting matchup is with the Cowboys safeties and linebackers against Steelers tight end Heath Miller, who will beat the one-on-one coverage of any safety or linebacker of the Cowboys.

The next point I want to watch is the Cowboys' ability to win the battle at the line of scrimmage. They should do this. I believe the Cowboys will get their share of QB pressures and sacks in this game.

The Steelers offensive line is average, and the Cowboys have some good pass rushers, most notably DeMarcus Ware. The other reason they are going to get their share of pressure and sacks is Ben Roethlisberger will -- at times -- hold the ball. The key will be on those plays where Roethlisberger has time will the Cowboy secondary hold up?


The Cowboys climb back up to No. 5 in NBC Sports rankings.


Tom Curran sorts out the pretenders and contenders in the league. The Boys? He's not necessarily a fan of Wade but he had to admit the obvious.

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