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MB3 as iffy as iffy can get for Sunday

Not. Good.

OLB DeMarcus Ware (hyperextended left knee) did almost everything at today's practice without a problem. The news about RB Marion Barber isn't as good.

Barber's dislocated right pinkie toe hasn't recovered as well as anticipated. He stayed off his feet during today's practice, with the hope that rest instead of rehab would help get him ready to go Sunday in Pittsburgh.

"We were assuming that Marion would play, but it's a little more doubtful right now," Phillips said. "We'll see tomorrow." uses the dreaded term "game-time decision." 

Gentlemen this guy may be our starting RB on the road, possibly in the snow, against the top-ranked defense in the league. I believe in Choice and he's shown some real progress over the year but ...



We may have to get cute in the secondary.

I like it.

The Cowboys have kicked around the idea of moving Henry over to safety for the better part of a year, but now that both Roy Williams and Pat Watkins are gone for the season because of injury, it could be a case of need.

With the return of Adam "Pacman" Jones to the team, the Cowboys have enough corners (three) that they could move Henry around some. They should have Mike Jenkins (hamstring) back next week.

Heath Miller is a pro's pro. Knows how to get open. Knows how to sit in the zone. Tough as nails. We're going to have to pay attention to him or he'll burn us. I'm hoping they'll use Henry to cover the tight end and take away Big Ben's security blanket.

I've been impressed with Bradie James lately, particularly against the Seahawks. His blitzes were well-timed and explosive. I've seen many plays were James overran plays or made a feeble attempt at an arm tackle. These were small criticism of his overall game but it used to drive me crazy. I don't see that much anymore and I think everyone starting to notice. James is steadily making the progression from a solid player to a great one. He's not there yet but you can tell he's starting to realize his full potential

When players enter the NFL, their physical skills outweigh their mental skills because they haven't seen a game as fast or as complicated while in college. As the years go by, those two skills even out and, eventually, the mental skills outweigh the physical skills.

At 27, James is at the part of his career where the physical and mental skills are at the same point.

"With this being my sixth year, the game is coming," James said. "It comes to me. I just let the game come basically. I just try to play every down, try to be as consistent as possible and do what I'm supposed to do and when a play is needed to be made, I make the play."



Don't ever test Spags. In your life. He will clap back. Resoundingly.

CHRIS BURKE, AUSTIN, TX: I've heard it said many times that Roy Williams just needs more time to learn the offense. That really concerns me. How can Daunte Culpepper run the Lions offense (as pathetic as it is) after sitting out half a season and only being with the team two weeks, yet it takes Roy more than a month to learn pass patterns he's run his entire life?

Mickey: Well evidently you are being misinformed. I don't think you're read any of that nonsense on this website. Roy Williams knows the offense well enough to be productive. Just not sure what you are expecting. If Jas Witten is going to catch like seven to 10 passes a game and Terrell Owens is doing the same, and you run the ball like 25 times or so, how many passes are left to go around to Williams, Patrick Crayton and Matellus Bennett. I mean if the guy didn't know the offense, he wouldn't be starting, right?

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Spags can be hard to read and sometimes he rambles a bit. But I love reading the mailbag because he murders fools incessantly. It's like he's waiting to embarrass people. 

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