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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

Time to catch up on all the assorted parts going into the Cowboys @ Steelers game.

Marion Barber isn't practicing again today, as expected. Jerry says MB3's now famous foot digit has improved since yesterday. Of course, it's Jerry saying it, so take it with a grain of homerism. Still, I'm betting he'll play, and we won't know just how effective he'll be until game action. If that scenario does play out, it puts the Cowboys in a little bit of a bind with only Tashard Choice in reserve. According to Jerry they plan to call up Alonzo Coleman off the practice squad. The deadline for calling up Coleman is 3 PM Saturday.

One last minor practice squad note, the Saints signed Tearrius George off of ours.

On the other injury front, the news is the best we could hope for. DeMarcus Ware practiced yesterday and even though he was designated as limited, Wade said he took almost all his regular reps. Ware says it's "full blast" for him.

Not only will Adam Jones be returning punts and working on the defense, he will return kickoffs.  Sounds like Isaiah Stanback won't be active.

No worries about Big Ben's knee, it's just fine.

Kyle Kosier is having his surgery today. Luckily, Montrae Holland has emerged as a viable replacement.

I got much respect for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That defense is scary good, but hopefully a prolific offense will be the key to winning. Right now, this game comes down to one thing for me, can the Dallas Cowboys offensive line, tight ends and running backs make the blocks necessary to neutralize the Pittsburgh Steelers pass rush? If Romo has time to use his weapons, I think the Cowboys offense will outscore Pittsburgh's. As long as they aren't allowing the Steelers' defense and special teams to score, a well-protected Romo will win this game. That's just the way I see it.

I thought this was kind of cool.

The Steelers and Cowboys aren't just vying for the title of America's Team; they might be competing to be Latin America's team, too.

Because of the popularity of the two teams, Sunday's game at Heinz Field will be the only one broadcast on site this season by Fox Sports Latin America, which typically broadcasts two games a week in Spanish from the studio.

The game, which will be broadcast to 16 Latin America countries, is so big that hundreds of Latin American fans will attend the game, including two Mexican senators.

"This is our Super Bowl," said Fernando Von Rossum Jr., who broadcasts the game with his father for Fox Sports Latin America.

Weather forecast for Sunday. Low 20's, 18 mph winds, chance for AM snow showers.

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