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Choosing hatred over heartbreak

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So I have this friend right.

Well, let's not call him a friend. He's in this murky area between acquiantance and enemy. I like him enough to be cordial to him but I don't hate him enough to assert the necessary energy to punch his lights out.

I went to school with this guy. In the prime years of the Cowboys Super Bowl runs. And what did I hear from him? Not a word. Never knew he was a Giants fan. Never heard a peep from him.

So we're in a fantasy football league together. His team is stacked. My team isn't (although I did pick up Tashard Choice though, he was a beast). He's the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. I barely made it in (I have a knack for doing this. Ask the guys in the BTB fantasy league). If he wins and I win, we'll play for the championship.

So now all the sudden, he's the biggest homer in the world. He can't stop talking about the Giants. He's the biggest trash talker in the world now.

Here are his weapons of choice: Kid 'N Play were popular last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl game, Tony Romo is a pretty boy, blah blah blah.

Here are my weapons of choice: shooting yourself has never been popular (even for idiots) and why does Eli Manning always look like he has diarrhea?

Why do I tell you guys this?

Because I'm still mourning over that debacle in Pittsburgh. I'm still mad that in a week where the BCS bowls have finally been settled and there are two teams in the NBA who may win 70 games, the lead in stories on ESPN are: Jerry Jones and T.O. What a joke.

So guess what. I'm not choosing hope over love today. I'm choosing hate over heartbreak.

And I hate the Giants.

So I'm asking you to choose hatred over heartbreak today.

I'm taking all the disappointment I had for our loss to Steelers and transferring it to contempt for the Giants. Not that I haven't always hated the Giants. I do and always will. But my tank isn't always on full. Well time to swipe the card and fill that sucker up. This is a team who couldn't sniff in our general direction last year for two and a half games. But they have the rings and what do we have? Bupkis.

I'm mad.

You do remember Justin Tuck don't you? You remember what he said after their victory earlier in the season?

Sideline reporter Pam Oliver to Giants defensive Justin Tuck after the game: Was the victory "just as satisfying against a depleted team?"

Responded Tuck: "Depleted? The only thing depleted in Dallas is their heart."

If anybody was questioning players toughness it wasn't Jerry Jones. It was him.

So for the rest of this week I'm going to give this dude the business. I'm going to call him everything but a child of God. And I will go here and here if I have to. 

Anybody else with colorful insults about the Giants feel free to contact me.

Shout out to King Man and his fanpost here.


We are seriously like the walking wounded out there. Our Pro Bowl safety is hobbled and bullet-riddled safety seems depleted (just kidding there Killer, you know I love ya KD!)

Is there a doctor in the house?

Starting free safety Ken Hamlin spent time in the training room Monday morning and left wearing a walking boot on his right foot.

Hamlin had an MRI on his ankle, and coach Wade Phillips said Hamlin will miss practice time this week.

Starting strong safety Keith Davis gingerly walked around the locker room with a sleeve on his left knee, which he injured in the first half Sunday.

Davis also had an MRI exam Monday, and his status against the Giants hasn't been determined.

Shout out to bad knees for his fanshot here.


We need to finish. Wade knows that.

"You're going to have to finish this season to get where you want to be," coach Wade Phillips said. "I mean it's right there for you. You say that's what you want to do. You preach that's what you're going to try to get done. Well, here's the opportunity."

We're close guys. We're really close. We just have to take that next step. 


I was pretty deflated earlier today. Yes, still. There's been plenty of chatter about the Cowboys but none of it has been good. Jerry Jones is questioning MB3's toughness (which I think is a bunch of mularky). Witten takes the blame for Romo. Romo takes it back. The Red Baron getting too cute on a couple of plays that may have cost us the game. Roy (RW2) Williams is hurt (plantar fasciitis ain't no joke). The Steelers, after getting their teeth kicked in for about 55 minutes, now, wanna talk trash. Jeesh.

I needed a pick me up.

Oh. Is that a dumb column in the USA Today I see? Finally something! Jarrett Bell! Step right up!

Like Bugs Bunny used to say, "What a maroon."

Dallas is so soft. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones essentially questioned Marion Barber's toughness for missing Sunday's game at Pittsburgh due to a dislocated toe. That's dicey stuff, trying to gauge the level of pain and discomfort in another man's body — even after you've guaranteed the player $16 million as part of a 7-year, $45 million contract extension. Less murky is how the manner of Dallas' fourth-quarter meltdown against the Steelers further exemplifies the team's weak belly in the latter stages of the season. The Cowboys were bounced in their playoff opener last season after a 13-3 regular-season earned them a No. 1 seed. Before that, a bumbling finish to a playoff-opening loss at Seattle. The pattern has been there for a while. Since Y2K, the Cowboys are 13-29 in games played after Dec. 1, a mark that includes four playoff losses. Dallas hasn't had a "post-Dec. 1" winning record since 1996. Funny, no team plays to the spotlight like the glamorous Cowboys, projected to finally get over the hump this season and advance to the Super Bowl. The current group undoubtedly has gained some stature from hype linked to the franchise's tradition. But it has continually wilted when needed to back up the hype when it matters most. When Dallas extended its lead to 13-3 in the fourth quarter at Pittsburgh, Terrell Owens flexed his muscles and taunted the crowd at Heinz Field. Yet the dominant part of the Cowboys' identity would soon overshadow such bravado.

So no mention of the defense, hunh? You know the Steelers were 3-14 on 3rd down and had less than 250 total yards right. But we're soft?

I've got two words for you buddy: Yo. Mama.

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