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Please welcome BTB's newest front-page bloggers

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Things are calming down on the Cowboys news front as we slide into Super Bowl Weekend.

I thought this would be a good time to announce who is going to be helping me out over the offseason with the commentary here at BTB. Let me first say that this was a very hard decision. A lot of loyal BTB’ers applied for the position and it was difficult to make a decision that ultimately disappointed some people who I hold in very high regard. I tried to email everyone back who applied and explain my decision. If you didn’t get a personal response from me it’s because I didn’t have a valid and working email address. So to those people I’ll say here, even though I didn’t choose you for the job I hope that you will continue to post and support BTB. I also let it be known that these positions will rotate over time so if you want to be involved the next time, keep posting commentary.

Enough of the preliminaries – here are the two BTB’ers I chose to help me out this offseason.

Tuna Helper and Brandon. Congrats guys, I’m sure you’re going to do a super job here and everybody will enjoy reading your take on all things Cowboys.

Tuna Helper – TH is old-school BTB. He’s been here forever, even his BTB-name shows how long he’s been around. He hasn’t posted as often this past season but there were reasons for that and he’s back on track for the upcoming season. I chose TH because he makes me laugh with some biting wit and he loves the Cowboys. Welcome aboard.

Brandon – Brandon is newer to BTB having joined us last offseason but has consistently written excellent diaries, many times representing the fans view on things. When I went back and researched his writings, the comments thread was filled with things like: "Great diary, Brandon" or "Thanks for posting this", etc. So welcome aboard.

Both guys will drop their own introductory post on us soon and then will fall into regular rotation on the front-page. Now you guys will have to actually look at the byline of a post to know whether it’s me or one of the two new guys spouting off opinion here at BTB. I’m sure you guys will like what they bring to the table and I hope you will welcome them with open arms.

With these additions, I might finally get a break from posting all the time and attend to some things outside of this blog that I’ve been neglecting. I won’t disappear, if you guys know me you know that this blog is an obsession and I can’t stay away for long. But now I’ll have some help to give me a mini-break.

Thanks again to everybody who took the time to offer their help to help me out. And thanks to everybody else who reads and posts on BTB, I can't say enough how much your support means to me.

Feel free to welcome the new guys in the comments.