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Everybody’s talking about the Randy Galloway article today with the comments from Jerry Jones. I won’t go into recounting it too much, you can follow the diaries posted by silverblue5 here and Brandon here.

I will say a couple of things:

Never take what Jerry says without some suspicion. McDonalds should just put Jerry’s face on Happy Meals because he will always put the ‘sunshine spin’ on anything. Maybe Wade had final say on the coaching hires or maybe Wade just decided to say what the boss wanted to hear. I don’t know.

Either way, hiring highly qualified coaches is a good thing. Either Wade wins with the coaches and continues to coach past next year, or Wade doesn’t and we have highly-qualified coaches for Jason Garrett’s era. That’s known as a win-win.

Also, Jerry put the kibosh on the rumor of dealing MB3 for McFadden. Smart man.

Todd Archer says a few Cowboys players at the Super Bowl are still grieving about losing in the playoffs. That puts them in the same mood as a few thousand of Cowboys fans here at BTB.

Wondering about the cost of franchise tagging Flozell? From the DMN

The NFL Players Association released the franchise and transition tag amounts for 2008, with quarterbacks coming in at the top: $10.73 million for the franchise tag and $9.5 million for the transition tag.

Tony Romo will have the sixth-highest cap figure among quarterbacks at $8.91 million. If the Cowboys wanted to place the franchise tag on left tackle Flozell Adams, who will be a free agent in March, they would have to pay him $7.455 million, which is the average salary of the five highest-paid tackles in the league.

Terrell Owens has the highest cap figure ($9.66 million) among receivers.

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