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Jacked up about being stacked up!

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Fellas. After scouring the land (actually I just searched on Google, but I digress) and caucusing the townsfolk, I’ve come to one conclusion: we’re stacked like pancakes at IHOP.

We’ve got depth at almost every position. We’re young. We’ve got talent. We’ve got size. We’ve got speed. We’ve got grizzled veterans and humble young’ns. We’re stacked.

Like Jessica Alba. Like the deck in Vegas. Like fill-in-the-blank-corny-metaphor. That’s what we are.

I know what you’re saying. Thanks Capt. Obvious. What’s next? Breaking news! Jerry’s rich! Emmitt’s good! And girls really really like Romo!

No, seriously. I know you guys know this. You’ve been saying it for years. Brandon goes in-depth about it here. But it’s worth repeating. Because not all teams are. I mean some teams just stink. Abysmally so. (Read: Miami. Good luck with that Big Tuna).

To reinforce this point comes with a roundup of every team and their chance of basking in that Gatorade and confetti shower that awaits every Super Bowl Champion. Nothing major. Just short blurbs on each squad. Their take on our chances:

Dallas: Yeah -- if it can get rid of playoff baggage.

Didn’t we just have Groundhog Day? Is this Déjà vu all over again? Doesn’t that seem like the exact same quote we would’ve heard last year after the tough Seattle loss? Will another 30 Rock episode reference our pain?

Darn media folk.

If you could guess who was our first Pro Bowl starter, who would it be? Bob Hayes? Lee Roy Jordan? Mel Renfo? How 'bout Don Perkins?

Yup. You're about as surprised as he was back in 1962.

"Here I was a kid from Waterloo, Iowa, through University of New Mexico," Perkins recalled. "I’m thinking, ‘What am I doing out here with Jim Brown? I hope they don’t find out who I am.’ "

We all know about T. Romo. ESPN's Mike McAllister goes on Hashmarks and runs down the odd-on favorites for Pro Bowl MVP and Tony is pretty high on the list. I’m sure he’d rather have another MVP trophy. But since I’m a football-starved fan who is actually looking forward to the NFL Combine, a man-meat-market, or the NFL Draft, where Mel Kiper becomes Nostradamus for a day or two, I’ll take whatever award any Cowboy can win until then.

Or maybe the Pro Bowl MVP goes to D. Ware. His boy and good friend Osi Umenyiora will be there.  The lone Giant Pro Bowler. And although the good friends go way back, the trash talking has definitely begun.

"I’m happy for him, because he’s my boy," Ware said. "But I feel like they stole that ring from us."

Amen, preacher.