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Capers not coming to Dallas, Cowboys set to hire another assistant

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The bad news is that Dom Capers has removed his name for consideration for any type of coaching position with the Dallas Cowboys. Capers didn’t give a reason and directed inquiries to Valley Ranch.

The good news is it appears that the Cowboys have finally finished filling out their staff after the Tuna raid early in the offseason. Yesterday I  posted that they might add another assistant for the secondary and today they will (according to a source). But it’s not Dennis Thurman who had been rumored to be the guy; instead, it’s Brett Maxie. Interestingly enough, he was coaching safeties in Miami until he got fired this year. The Star-T has the sources:

According to a source, the Cowboys are on the brink of making another addition to their staff: former Dolphins secondary coach Brett Maxie.

Maxie interviewed at Valley Ranch on Friday and was offered a position working with Dave Campo in the secondary, splitting cornerback and safety coaching duties.

Hat tip to Deke for posting the news in this diary.

T.O. had a fine day in the Pro Bowl yesterday after a few early drops (it wasn't like we hadn’t seen that before). But in the end he was edged out by Adrian Peterson for the MVP award and a shiny new Caddy. You can read about the Pro Bowl here or here.