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Dallas Cowboys Free Agency 2008: Unrestricted Free Agents

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Flozell Adams - I couldn't do a write up on Flozell any better than Grizz did here, so I won't try. Left tackle is one the most important positions in football as he protects the quarterback's blind side with typically little to no help. The Cowboys are fortunate Adams has provided stability at this position over the years, a fact that became even more apparent when he went down with a knee injury during the 2005 season. No doubt, the Cowboys are going to work on signing Adams to a contract extension before free agency starts February 29, but not if the cost becomes too great. With multiple needs at other positions, look for the Cowboys to stay economical in their dealings with Adams. Some speculate that the Cowboys will franchise Adams but I would be very disappointed if that transpires; the franchise tag for Flozell will be an astronomical $9 million. Of course, this all depends on how much Flozell thinks he might be worth and how much he believes he will get in free agency, an amount that might be too rich for the Cowboys.

Ken Hamlin - Ken Hamlin stepped in as the defensive quarterback and the results were immediate and positive. While the play of the secondary as a whole has yet to reach the championship caliber level we all are hoping to see, the over the middle deep plays were gone in 2007 with a few exceptions. His play was far from flawless but Hamlin solidified a position filled with uncertainty since the departure of Darren Woodson. The Cowboys would be remiss in allowing Hamlin to walk away after just one year with the team; his departure would set the Cowboys back yet again at that position. I have gone on record to say that it would be in the Cowboys best interest to franchise Hamlin and work out a contract during the 2008 season.

Julius Jones - Julius Jones started the 2007 season with so much hope and upside. Gone was the oppressive coach in Bill Parcells whom Julius felt had forced him to curb his creativity and made him run like a robot. Julius entered the season facing a career year with a new coach and an opportunity to truly prove himself worthy of being a starting running back in the NFL. Yet it seems he was spooked by the rumbling footsteps of Marion Barber coming up behind him and he finished with the lowest rushing total of his career. His attempts were also at a career low and most telling was his anemic 3.6 yards per carry average, by far the lowest of his four year career. While showing fits of inspired running, Julius was too inconsistent to provide a steady rushing attack when he was on the field. Too often Julius blindly followed the assigned play call and ran full speed into the backs of his blockers no matter if the hole was there or not. With a very strong group of running backs coming out in this year's draft it is nearly a foregone conclusion that the Cowboys will not attempt to resign Jones.

Keith Davis - For the past few years Davis has been a stalwart on the Dallas Cowboys special teams and his absence due to injury earlier this year proved just how valuable he is as their captain. Unfortunately, Davis has been stuck behind Roy Williams and has been unable to crack the starting lineup with the exception of the game against Carolina when Williams was suspended. While the Cowboys would like to have Davis back again next year as the special teams captain, Davis may look elsewhere in free agency for the chance to become a starting safety for another team.

Jacques Reeves - Jacques Reeves was forced to start 13 games this season for the Cowboys due to injuries and took on the challenge admirably. However, it soon became apparent that when faced with the decision of throwing to Anthony Henry, Terence Newman or Reeves, the quarterback’s choice was instantaneous and the result was disastrous for the Cowboys. On the infamous late first half playoff collapse against the Giants, in which New York drove 71 yards in just 46 seconds to tie the score, Reeves was targeted on four long completions including a facemask penalty that put the Giants on the Dallas 23. Reeves is one of the fastest players on the team and his speed will draw interest from other teams where he might get the chance to start in 2008, although the Cowboys might want to keep him as an experienced nickel back. With the Cowboys expected to target a cornerback in the first round of the draft, don’t be surprised if Reeves does not return to the Cowboys if the money comes calling from elsewhere.