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John Czarnecki takes a look at 10 hot topics for the offseason and wouldn’t you know that the Cowboys show up prominently in two of them. First, he delves into the Dolphins owning the first pick of the draft, but you know that topic can’t pass without a mention of Darren McFadden and the possibility of Jerry Jones pulling the trigger on his man-crush. Czarnecki says don’t do it.

But why deal Marion Barber for McFadden and also two first-round picks? Heck, there are some scouts who say McFadden's running mate at Arkansas, Felix Jones, is almost as good and a top 10 pick. Unless Jones is convinced McFadden is another Emmitt Smith or Walter Payton, such a trade doesn't make sense.

Indeed, there are quite a few running backs in this draft who would pair up nicely with MB3 to form an impressive backfield. Felix Jones fits that bill but even if he doesn’t make it all the way down to us at #22, there are others who will. The Cowboys could even consider waiting until the 2nd round with the amount of quality backs in this draft.

The other topic concerning the Cowboys in Czarnecki’s article is the state of affairs at Valley Ranch. The Cowboys have taken on Wade Phillips' personality and have put on a happy face after the huge playoff disappointment to the Giants. There may be brave smiles today, but there won't be if 2008 doesn't end on a happier note.

On the outside, this is viewed as one big happy family, but you have to figure that [Jerry] Jones needs a big playoff run to sell all those pricey new seats. Otherwise, he could go ballistic.

Darren McFadden and Felix Jones are the subject of a couple of articles since they are working out in Dallas and both claim to be fans of the Cowboys from their youth. You can catch up on what they said here or here.

Marc Colombo has been stumping for Flozell in the hopes that the Cowboys will re-sign the long-time vet at left tackle. But Colombo hasn’t forgotten about his own contract situation and would like to see the Cowboys reward him for a good 2007 season. I agree big guy; I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cowboys lock up Colombo for a few more years. First things first though, the Cowboys have to make a decision on Flozell. The DMN takes a look at that tricky situation

The Cowboys did take care of a little business today, signing long-snapper L.P. Ladouceur to a 5-year contract. At least we don’t have to worry about our long-snapper for a while.

Hat tip to coolaid for posting the news in this diary earlier today.