TO wins MVP celebrity basketball game

NBA allstar weekend kicked off tonight with the celebrity basketball game..

Ironically one team had Terrell Owens, and guarding him on the other team.. none other than Neon Deion Sanders. TO came in with 2/3's of the game left to be played, and went 8 for 10 posting 17 points and 3 rebounds. earning him the MVP of the game. Afterwards he accepted the trophy, blessed his teammates and stated they won as a team.
When asked what the difference was between this game and the pro-bowl (where he had 8 catches for over a hundred yards and 2 touchdowns) he said "this time I got MVP" with a 25 million dollar smile.
He showed competitiveness, athleticism and good sportsmanship, but most of all just looked as though he was genuinely enjoying the event. I can't lie though, the whole time i was watching i was praayyyying that he didnt come down on that ankle wrong. But, my prayers were answered and the ankle looked strong. Plain and simple, he dominated..

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.