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Cowboys show interest in Zach Thomas plus other reading material

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The Cowboys want to talk to recently cut Miami linebacker Zach Thomas. The DMN also has an article on the subject. It’s an interesting idea, before he was injured last year he was still a tackling machine. If the price is right, I could see this as a positive. I’ll have to think about it a little more though.

Hat tip to BoyzRback07 for posting this news here.

Nick Eatman says forget the draft, let’s talk free agents.

T.O. was the MVP at the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game. Did you guys see his jam on ESPN?

Hat tip to both jsams and eMBe3 for posting diaries on it.

Here’s a long article on the Cowboys. It appears it was written a little while ago because it mentions our interest in Dom Capers which is a dead story now. It also makes the same mistake of saying Dave Campo has no experience in the 3-4 so this must have been a Jerry Jones hiring. It's true that Campo has no experience in the 3-4 and that it possibly could have been a Jerry move, but coaching the secondary is no different in a 3-4 and a 4-3. I’ve seen three different articles make this same mistake so far. C’mon media, get it together.

Here’s a look at all NFC East teams. For some reason this guy thinks Ken Hamlin is leaving the Cowboys and that safety is our biggest need. Does he have some special information that we don’t? He also blows the franchise cost for Flozell which would be $9 million and not $7.5 million.