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Free Agents 2008: Cornerbacks

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The short list of cornerbacks expected to enter into free agency on February 29:

Asante Samuel (Age 27) - New England; 6 INT, 18 passes def., 44 tackles (16 games)
Nnambi Asomugha (Age 26) - Oakland; 1 INT, 7 passes def., 34 tackles (15 games)
Marcus Trufant (Age 27) - Seattle; 7 INT, 15 passes def., 85 tackles (16 games)
Eric Green (Age 25) - Arizona; 0 INT, 8 passes def., 51 tackles (11 games)
Randall Gay (Age 25) - New England; 3 INT, 7 passes def., 38 tackles (16 games)
Drayton Florence (Age 27) - San Diego; 2 INT, 10 passes def., 61 tackles (16 games)
Domonique Foxworth {RFA} (Age 24) - San Diego; 0 INT, 5 passes def., 42 tackles (14 games)

With the possibility of Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones leaving in free agency, the Cowboys most likely will draft a cornerback in the first or second round to shore up a sometimes porous secondary. Yet the possibility exists that Dallas would also look for experience via free agency. With Nate Clements setting the precedent of the paramount cornerback contract last year, top free agents Asante Samuel and Marcus Trufant are looking for the ultimate payday. The Cowboys will be focusing on signing their own free agents and will not have the ability to dish out a lofty contract, especially with Terence Newman looking for a contract extension in 2008. The Cowboys could look to the less expensive free agent cornerbacks, and Drayton Florence would be the most likely candidate. Wade Phillips knows him well and he might be available at a reasonable price as well as being a decent third corner. Domonique Foxworth has potential as well but his availability to the Cowboys would all depend on what tender the Broncos assign to him. Tuna Helper mentioned Ty Law possibly being released by Kansas City but signing an older corner on the downside of his career is absolutely out of the question.

Cap space will be at a premium this year as Dallas has several of their own free agents to sign, so don't expect the Cowboys to target any top name corners in the free agent market. Even if the team could afford it the last thing the Cowboys need is an aging corner like Ty Law, no matter how cheap he might come. Drayton Florence may get a quick look but the best option for the Cowboys at cornerback will be through the draft. With two first round draft picks this year Dallas is primed to obtain a top cornerback to complement Terence Newman and Anthony Henry at a more reasonable price than those available in free agency.