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The New England Patriots act fast. Zach Thomas paid them a visit and they offered him a contract.

The Patriots offered a contract to former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas on Monday, reports NFL Network's Adam Schefter.

Thomas and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, visited New England on Monday and will continue negotiations with the team. Thomas is scheduled to visit with the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday.

And he will visit with the Cowboys after the Saints. Speculation is that the Patriots offered something close to the minimum for a vet and that his agent Drew Rosenhaus is looking for a multi-year deal with guaranteed money.

It is unclear what type of deal the Patriots offered but obviously it was not one either Thomas or Rosenhaus were immediately eager to sign. It is possible the Patriots offered a deal that pays the veteran minimum of $830,000 for 2008 with bonuses tied to play-time and other incentive categories.


Rosenhaus confirmed in his text message that Thomas will continue his impromptu free-agent tour today when he visits the New Orleans Saints. The agent also is scheduled to speak with the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow...

Calvin Watkins looks at the offensive line. He writes this:

If the price for Adams is too high for the Cowboys, Pat McQuistan starts at left tackle.

I disagree; I would bet money that if Flozell isn’t here that Doug Free will start at LT. He’s already a better tackle than McQ from my observations. Of course, Jerry could still move Bigg Davis there; we can only pray that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Nick Eatman is still peddling the idea of Marc Colombo moving over there if Flozell leaves. Well, the article is actually more about Colombo the player, but he does bring the idea up with Colombo who says he would do it but that the Cowboys need to re-sign Flozell.

The Breerman has a little bit on the WR’s and TE’s.