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Ashy to Classy: A look at Cowboy history and other tidbits

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Everybody has a story to tell. A rags to riches story. A "look-Ma-I’ve-made-it!" moment.

Toby Keith has one. So did Biggie. ‘Bout the only thing they have in common too.

Well, the Cowboys have one too. It started with an expansion draft of some pretty bad players. It started with three geniuses: Tom Landry, Tex Schramm and Gil Brandt. It started with hard work. And a little luck. How else do you explain turning Cornell Green, a talented college basketball player who didn’t play college football, into a Pro Bowl safety and cornerback?

The riveting look at Cowboys history is here.

I’ve got a question.

Did Akin Ayodele play all that bad?

There seems to be an awful lot of flirtation with Zach Thomas by the ‘Boys. Don’t get me wrong. I love Zach Thomas. He’s a fierce competitor. But Akin is younger, bigger and more suited for our defense. JJT at the DMN agrees. Key quote:

The Cowboys do not need Zach Thomas. If New England wants to sign him, so be it.

He used to be a terrific player – a high-energy, high-motor player who made more plays with desire and intelligence than athleticism.

But he's 34 now. He's 228 pounds or so, which makes him extremely undersized for an inside linebacker in the 3-4 defense. And he's coming off a concussion that limited him to five games last season.

Seems like Javon Walker is looking for the closest exit in Denver and the Broncos are willing to oblige. So would the ‘Boys be interested? Here’s some speculation.

My take? Walker is a very good, Pro Bowl player when he’s healthy. But he hasn’t been healthy much. I sided with him when Brett Favre called him out. I was happy for him when Denver paid him. Now after ditching a pretty good situation (I would say catching passes from Brett Favre would qualify as one) and landing in a pristine situation with the Broncos, he’s ready to bail again because Brandon Marshall has emerged as a No. 1 receiver. Seems to me he’s good at two things: complaining and playing football when he’s healthy. He seems to do one more than the other. No thank you, but I’ll pass.

Quick story. I was in Miami in the summer of 2005, coming out of a club on South Beach. The club was filled with stars like Jamie Foxx and Caron Butler. As I exited the main entrance to walk on the strip, guess who I saw wearing a linen suit coming from this same club? Keyshawn Johnson. Immediately I wanted to yell, "Hey, dude! Shouldn’t you be preparing for Training Camp?" But Keyshawn is about 6-4, 210 pounds. That’s a big man. So I kept my criticisms to myself.

Well, Keyshawn is considering a comeback. Unretiring, if you will. Pulling a Vinny (Testaverde that is).

Do we need an old, slow, big mouth receiver who has a sordid history with our own old, fast, big mouth receiver? No.

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones finds the nicest way to say "when hell freezes over" in this quote:

"We have a player who is kind of like him in Patrick Crayton, and age is an issue. Plus, he's been out of football for a year, and it's not like (he got faster). Mother Nature doesn't work that way."

I got love for Keyshawn. He was a good receiver for us. He made big plays and made big catches. But the thrill is gone.

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